1994 bmw 325is repair manual pdf

Be aware that there will still be some transmission fluid in the sump, that can spill out if you're not careful.
Install the new filter into the transmission, using the same bolts that you just removed.
Wear safety glasses when you're under the car as you never know what small piece of dirt may fall into your eye.Keep it level, or simply lower it into your cat litter-box catch pan.Then move the cover to line up w/ the bolt holes.With the engine running, refill the transmission until fluid comes out of the fill hole ( Figure 18 ).Pelican Parts Technical Article on Jacking Up as a reference, and elevate the car enough so that you can work underneath.Then lower her down and take her for a quick drive.Click here FOR parts FOR this article.Replacing your oil is easy - BMW knows that this needs to be performed once about every miles, and designed the car that way.When you've topped off the fluid, lower the car down off of the jack stands and take it for a short drive.Sometimes the light will stay lit, and then 2001 bmw radio manual go out after about 3 minutes of driving.Using a lint-free cloth, carefully wipe down the inside of the sump.
If the car is not level, then you will not achieve an accurate reading.
Since the car is up on jacks w/ the wheels of the ground, I started the car and put it in gear to let the fluids warm up quicker.

The transmission fluid has a totally different viscosity.The instructions are very simple - just plug it in, read the codes, and then reset the lamp.Pulling a fuse for the SRS system while performing electrical troubleshooting.You can take the car to your local BMW dealer, but they will charge you anywhere from 80 to 300 just to diagnose the system and reset the lamp.Note that this is opposite from the procedure for changing the oil - where you should empty it when the engine is hot.Swapping steering wheels, removing the gauge cluster to replace light bulbs.Driving for any more time with the transmission in this state would have led to substantial damage, and could have resulted in a wrecked tranny (replacement cost 2500 or so).Any number of harmless acts can trigger the SRS lamp: Driving the car through a large puddle, or being exposed to lots of rain.The front, smaller sump is the trickiest, because it needs to be filled with fluid when you install.
Again, it should take about 45 minutes or so to heat the transmission to this level, if the car is simply idling.
One of the transmission lines had been damaged, and was leaking a slow, but steady drip of transmission oil.