Three recent research results are presented bilingually: you click to toggle between a scientific and popular presentation.
Scatha Data Page, data from the nasa/usaf scatha satellite are available in plot format via a forms interface.
Data from Russian stations are available after the summer 1992.
STE Lab 210 Magnetic Meridian Magnetometer Array.This page includes access to high time resolution files, hourly averages, and daily averages from 1973 to the present.Includes access to plots of Superdarn data.Return to the list of institutions Alaskan Photometer Data Home page for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Optics Group.Return to the list of institutions Rice ElectroMagnetic Field Models This homepage describes the efforts of modeling the magnetosphere magnetic field and electric hp laserjet enterprise m4555 mfp user guide field at Rice, including Voigt 1981, Hilmer-Voigt 1995, Toffoletto and Hill 1989,1993, and newest developement.
Alis - Auroral Large Imaging System This site provides information on alis (Auroral Large Imaging System) which is a net of unmanned ground- based auroral observation stations.
Its graduates work in many branches of industry where the following problems are solved: production problems, use of glass, glass ceramics, enamels, other heat-resistant non-metallic and silicate compounds, as well as in research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It runs on a campaign basis and quicklook data is accessible via this WWW server.Delivery, display and analysis of data from missions including experiments on Dynamics Explorers 1/2 (DE 1/2 uars, ampte, aria, TSS-1 and crres ( lomics ).During the life of the department, academic activity expanded and improved along with the development of science and engineering in glass technology and other heat-resistant non-metallic compounds.Access to anonymous FTP of data.ATS6 Low Energy Proton Experiment, this page contain some information about the Applications Technology Satellite 6 (ATS-6) and the noaalow Energy Proton Experiment which measured ions energy in the range from 25 keV to less then 1 MeV.Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop (cdaw) Information on the cdaw campaigns, data intervals, and data availability along with telnet access to the cdaw database.SEL Home Page for Coordinated Solar Observations The page provides convenient access to the following types of in- formation:.Return to the list of institutions Space Physics at SwRI Information about SwRI Including" (1) Photoelectron, auroral electron, cosmic ray, solar energy deposition, terrestrial and planetary photochemistry, airglow models.Includes access to a wide variety of data in the holdings.Data products include: magnetic fields, electric fields, plasma, and energetic particle data from this near-geostationary orbiting satellite.(Engineering) Natalya Olegovna Tagiltseva.