adventure games for kids

Xtreme Typing, this fast moving game teaches kids to keep their fingers on the keyboard to move their motorcycle across the desert and through the heart of the city.
Step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests, and games motivate kids to keep typing their way around the Island to reach the Castle, advance to the Lost City, and become touch-typists!
Suggested Typing Plan, there are over 30 typing challenges.Kids can print a certificate of achievement to show they have successfully conquered Typer Island and Rule the Island!Their bike makes several jumps, flies off ramps, rolls over limousines, and flies over buses.Kids learn to type on an exciting adventure on Typer Island.This program offers rewards every step of the way!The deeper they dive, the harder it is to escape, especially from the electric eel, giant squid and the boss shark.These include: There are hundreds of tests in Typing Instructor Platinum for Kids.Kids get to visit the Lost City once they complete the lessons, tests, and challenges of all five lands on Typer Island and "Capture the Castle!" In the Lost City they can explore the ruins and the shipwreck, and play Treasure Quest, crack vampire the masquerade bloodlines pc the first typing.Once kids get to the Castle, they can play new games, like Tomb Typer and Xtreme Typing, and they can go to the Lost City for Treasure Quest and the ever-challenging Ziggy!

Results are given for: WPM scores Accuracy Percentages, results Calculated from All Activities, performance Assessment for Key, Finger, Hand Row.Charts and Feedback, panasonic sc-hc05 user manual detailed results show kids the keys they know well and the keys that need more practice.They search an ancient Egyptian tomb by correctly typing words and characters to navigate their way through two levels of intriguing exploration for treasure.Kids can play games in a variety of ways by selecting options from the drop down menu, including words per minute (wpm level of difficulty, and in some games, select an opponent.When they type accurately and faster than their target words per minute, they see a motorcycle stunt fest!The Mysterious Lost City!They type words quickly to zap hungry sharks and piranhas before they attack their submarine.Kids visit The Old West, On the Water, In the Air, Over the Edge, and Under the Sea.They can take a break from lessons and go to the cave on Explorer Isle to play games, or to Story Lagoon to practice typing stories from Classic Literature and Fairy Tales.Kids visit distinct lands for lessons, challenges, tests, and games.Once they reach the Castle, they advance to the Lost City, for more challenges and exciting games!Kids can see how they did on a lesson, challenge, test, or game right away.Printable Results, results Tracked for five Typists, certificates of Achievement.
The more debris they collect, the more intergalactic credits they earn.