Step 1: Start Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer with the icon on desktop.
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Just ignore the first ten or so rows.
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Please see the included ReadMe file in the download for full patch release notes.

You should restart your computer after patch installation to make sure the registry gets updated correctly.IP: :28962 - Rifles and Snipers only - No dust - No MG's - No pistols - No grenades - Map/Gametype voting, how to join a server?Menu, prida do Obúbench, pre skopírovanie súboru do Obúbench sa musíte najprv prihlási.Mohlo by vás zaujíma reklamné oznámenie.Mp_rhine map changes: -Fixed player getting on top of broken wall and seeing through second story of bombed out building.Note - When benchmarking Call of Duty 2 using "timedemo the first few frames are artificially slow.Zobrazi/skry viac obsahu, prebieha sahovanie súboru.You will get more accurate results by using a spreadsheet program to process the values in The first column is the frame number, and the second column is the number of milliseconds spent in that frame.If you are reinstalling COD2 this is the only patch that you need to update the game to the latest version.If you don't have an account yet, register.
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