LowerFilters is to be clicked in the right pane.
The whole process will take less than a few minutes and is very easy.
In the following sections, we shall look at solutions to solve the problem of the best tetris game CD-ROM not working.Here's What to Do Next At this point, there's likely something physically wrong with the drive or another part of the computer.If you have one of those desktop optical drives where a large door flips down before the drive bay ejects, pull that down with your finger and then look for the pinhole.I'm not quite sure what to look for at this point, or what to even ati mobility x300 driver update try using the multi-reader.Also of note, when the drive is connected completely to the xbox one, it does notice if there is a disc in it or not.Finish the process by restarting the computer.Download Now, download Now.Once the drive door has opened (enough to grab hold of it) remove the paperclip from the pin-hole and manually pull the door open until it is fully retracted (be gentle, do not pull hard).This drive is often auto-named based on what disc is inside the drive but there's usually a small disc icon to help identify.In the Control Panel, find the search box, and type Troubleshooter, and then tap on Troubleshooting.Although, the days when stacks and stacks of CD-ROMs used to occupy our space our gone, thanks to the rise in technology and bringing us external storage devices, even today, there is no dearth of users who like to work with CD-ROM and DVD.But I'm not ready to give up either.
Here are the steps to overcome the issue of CD-Drive not working: Start with tapping the Windows logo key R to open the Run dialog box.

Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, lost partition, virus attack, system crash under different situations.You still have the chance to get lost data back.Part 5: Update or Reinstall the Drivers to solve the issue of CD-Drive not working: Users are required to visit the manufacturers website in order to search for the drivers that can help resolve the issue of CD-ROM not working.Thankfully some person many years ago, either had a light bulb moment or a bad memory and always forgot to eject the CD, thought of this manual eject mechanism.If you have trouble finding it, look for.I then decided to get one of my xbox 360s out since they use the same type of power connection for the drives.Lifewire is part of the Dotdash publishing family).Some older desktops require the opening of the front panel, sort of like a large "door" to the computer's housing, to get to this pinhole.So, in the following article we shall the troubleshooting techniques when you encounter the issue of CD-Drive not working.Have you ever needed to open your CD or DVD drive (generally referred armor games tu 46 to as your ' optical drive but couldn't?This is more or less a conclusive step to eliminate the problem of CD-Drive not working.
To enable the troubleshooter, all one has to do is click Run Now and follow the onscreen instructions that appear.

If you lost data on your computer unfortunately, don't worry!
Directly under or above the drive bay door (the part that 'ejects' the disc there should be a very small pinhole.