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Here's how they stacked up so far.
And that sucks, because, texturally speaking, this is paraiso no meu pau the closest any of these pizzas has come to users choice analog man's guide to vintage effects the Greek style.
So Mike's got a great heart, and a pretty good pizza to boot.
It starts with a signature cornmeal crust, which pulls double duty as a buttery, decadent holding vessel and also serves as a reward at the end of a slice.The crackery bottom crust is balanced by a surprisingly bouncy topside.This is a damn fine frozen pizza until you consider the crust, which can't make it past the cardboard phase.Its not the sauce, which is acrid and bizarre.The pepperoni is salty, but that's kind.You can also tweet your complaint @pizzahut.FreeRepublic, LLC, PO BOX 9771, fresno, CA 93794 m is powered by software copyright John Robinson.

It's a crust with identity.There was a brief revival of Roll-Top desks in the 1980s and then they have been forgotten as overly expensive and extravagant items of furniture.The sauce is well, honestly, the sauce is kind of forgettable.I'd rather eat this than Domino's or Papa Murphy's any day.No joke, if I got this crust at a pizzeria Id be pretty stoked: Its doing its own thing, circumventing the need to go the rising-crust route and instead offering up a base that wouldnt be out of place at some fancy-pants artisan pizza joint.These are the things I thought as I waited for my Celeste to bake.But most of the time she sits, unnoticed, in a Target freezer in Anytown, USA, and remembers the olden times, when an immigrant from Italy busted the doors open for frozen pizzas, only to watch the industry leave her behind.It's like when you start to make your own marinara, realize you did something wrong, but eat it anyway.The cheese is salty.O Organics, the uncured beef pepperoni on this organic cousin to the Safeway/Von's Signature Select brand has a good curl and char going on, which is surprising given its thickness.And my consensus is that, as a kid, I was kind of an idiot (my parents, teachers, and caseworkers will vouch for this).