There is not a single fuel ratio that handles all operating conditions for your average motor vehicle.
Also known as Testo 470, Rotaro, tach-20.
Chassis dynamometers have been readily available for several years in the performance motorcycling world.For more details on recent changes see the.This is fine for pollution controlled vehicles, but basically useless for performance work.For any questions concerning use of the Zt-2 with any 3rd party hardware please feel free to contact.Backspace Remove the last marked datapoint from the screen.Low Battery Indicator alerts the operator if the batteries are low.Something that a small independent shop owner, serious racer or home tuner could use to help them tune their fuel injected or carburetor bikes.Typical H-D sert MAP for 2006 and Earlier Bike RPM MAP (kPa). 1000. 1250. 1500.
Despite this, many performance enthusiasts have tried to tune with one of the multitude of inexpensive AFR gauges available for under 150.

It is all in applying the required AFR's to your application.They have a lot of very expensive equipment to pay for.Its logging ability, display capability and extensive list of add-ons make the LM-1 a very capable tool for performance monitoring, and tuning on the street or the track.Innovate Technologys LM-1 portable wide band oxygen sensor gauge has been on the market for a couple crack do dark messiah of might and magic of years now.3/8th Air 3/8th Fluid 1/8th Fluid Configuration files for connecting temp.Text update speed is adjustable for maximum readability.Software, screen Shots, short Cuts, instructions, pocket Logger 3rd Party.While few of the early chassis dynos had the ability to monitor air fuel ratios (AFR it really wasnt required to do a good performance tune on a carburetor bike.
In order to minimize gas emissions, produce maximum horsepower, get good gas mileage or simply have good throttle response requires some very specific air fuel ratio ranges.