This time I've only added.0.5 to the atlas copco ga 37 ff manual version number, but that's just because I'm saving.8,.9 and.0 for big future updates Don't worry, there's been plenty of improvements.
Tap Racing is the developer's latest release.Some issues have been found already, fixes will be made.On November 1, it's the 1 year anniversary of the ppsspp project.The new jailbreak seems a bit unstable as well.Also, I've done quite a bit of work on the JITs for.9, so expect a modest to large speed boost too on all platforms, especially ARM-based ones - plus some additional compatibility.So.9.1 is just a boring bugfix release, but please install it!Some mpeg/video playback fixes, fixing Parappa The Rapper and others.Also if you are a PS3 developer be sure to check out our sister site.1D game - PSP Homebrew Game by developer Sandroron March 27, 2014 PSP Homebrew Game Developer Sandroron had released a unique and creative 1-dimensional game called 1D Game.Alright, it's been a while so here's.6.August 20, 2013:.9 is finally out!View inside for all the latest changes.0.1 0, read more!August 19, 2014, pSP developer Joel16 has progressed his impressive PSP application called Cyanogenmod PSP-C.
Please note that it often takes a few hours to roll out an update on Google Play, so you may not see it there immediately.
February 6, 2018: Back in the Play Store!

See all the details of this Indie Game for the PSP inside 0 Read more!Doodle Jump.0.0 - Another PSP Release by Sandroron April 18, 2014 Looking for a new Homebrew Creation for you PSP, then look no farther as PSP developer Sandroron has released yet another great game for the PSP with Doodle Jump.0.0.November 1, 2013: ppsspp one year anniversary -.9.5 released!Believe it or not, it actually makes crunching numbers kind of fun!January 29, 2013:.6.1 - Snapdragon Conquered - JIT now works on all ARM Android devices Yeah, so I found the bug.Thanks Maxim for hard reverse-engineering work Many, many emulation fixes, including: bezier/spline curve support, fixing Loco Roco and others stencil clear emulation, fixing Final Fantasy IV text Android-x86 support Post-processing shaders like fxaa, scanlines, vignette More solid save states (we will try to keep them.
This has now been fixed and been pushed to Google Play, and the downloads on this site have been updated.
The Vulkan backend has improved as is now the default where available, while the OpenGL backend has been properly multithreaded and now runs really fast on dual-core devices.

View even more details about this addictive game inside.
OpenGL ES 3 detection bug on Xperia devices fixed, graphics work again.