hot shot episode 1

The Train Job " was created as a second pilot and was the first episode of the series aired.
The crew of Serenity travel to Persephone to deliver the stolen goods to Badger ( Mark Sheppard the small-time gang leader who hired them for the heist.
Subsequently, he was involved in many of the adventures on Earth, battling Starscream and Cyclonus, gaining Jolt as a partner, attacking Demolishor to gain access to the Decepticon Spacebridge and searching for the Mini-Con Matrix.
One of Prime's right-hand men (and idolized by Ironhide in this continuity as well he was one of those who tried to hold off Unicron's four horsemen - Rhinox, Cheetor, Airazor, and Terrorsaur - but was nearly destroyed.Later in the series, he was upgraded into a silver form of the same body as Energon Hot Shot ( Hot Shot Fire in Superlink, the Japanese version of Energon ).Appearances Ben 10 Season 3 References.And if we're very oster coffee maker model bvst-jbxss41 manual very lucky, they'll do it in that order." Luckily, the Reaver ship passes by without incident.The new passengers are a preacher named Shepherd Book ( Ron Glass a bumbling man named Dobson ( Carlos Jacott and a wealthy doctor named Simon Tam ( Sean Maher ) who brings aboard a mysterious large crate.

It does not adhere to the.However, he soon learned that he was wrong and felt the stings of remorse, but it was too late.He is young and reckless dare-devil with his head as hot as his 'lifespark'.In episode "Beginning" after the eventual defeat of Galvatron, Hot Shot, along with Dirt Boss, Ransack, Dark Crumplezone, Brakedown, and Clocker, raced in the Speedia 500 to see who would become the new leader of Velocitron after Override left to join the Space Bridge project.An outsider among the Autobots because of his brooding attitude, Excellion is one of the very few Autobot warriors who the Decepticons think of with any respect, but that respect is earned.Does Zeke have a messy-looking manslaughter to explain, so soon after his and Micks lingering hug?Megatron decimated the Terrorcon invasion, leaving Hot Shot to supervise the survivors.In 2006 a Target store exclusive two-pack called the Drag Race Pack included Cybertron Hot Shot and Override.This version of the Hot Shot mold was also used to make Timelines Dion.In the episode "Unfinished when the Autobots attempted to use a gigantic rocket to move the Animatros back into its orbit, Galvatron attacked and damaged the rocket.The jungle planet threatened to crash into Cybertron.Hot Shot quickly became obsessed with beating her, to the exclusion of all else - something that did not endear him to Prime when the Autobot leader arrived.Rath while attempting to steal the, rustbucket, but decides to steal, glitch instead, and also defeated the.There were some occasions when it happened that the two helped each other: for example, Starscream had saved Hot Shot when Megatron wanted to shoot him after the 'Bots warped in to the Moon Base and emancipated the Mini-Cons.Contents show, appearance, hot Shot is a muscular magma-based lifeform whose body is composed of a dark orange inner magma body covered by olive green rocks on his torso, which turn dark red upon reaching his kneecaps and lower legs and they also cover his.Hot Shot won, becoming leader of Velocitron and signifying his growth from a cocky impetuous rookie to a confident mature leader.