Its not recommended for places you often are for this purpose, consider at least color temperature adjustable bulbs.
With some work, they integrate into other european swith systems made by Eltako and shadow of night a novel all souls trilogy pdf also by Gira (German video, but pictures tell enough).
It needs quite some patience and nerves to get this done.
This light is FAR off and will never have the same color temperature of any other light in the room that behaves API conform.We deem a light as Hue API conform if it power law fatigue crack growth fulfills these tests: Color gamut and color temperature range is returned and correct The light type can be determined The color temperature shown is the color temperature that is set The light can handle brightness.What we found is that less saturated colors are not as bright as with Hue bulbs, as the white LEDs are not used to add to the whiter shades in color mode.If you live in the US or Canada, there are magnetic switch covers available that can cover your old switches, so you dont confuse them with the Dimmer: Amazon US/CA: YBM Home Magnetic Switch.Most important fact: Do NOT cut them at the scissor marks!Starter packs usually have the best price/performance ratio for this.Verdict: Not recommended (except for the plugs in some cases) See the FAQ on how to reset them to find them again US customers: The Sylvania lights are not compatible with the Hue system at all, since they use ZigBee HA (Home Automation) instead.The only thing we can complain about is a slight whining coming from the PSU.Living Whites Of the several whites products available, the Living Whites plugs work perfectly and integrate via Touchlink search.It can be used.g.Afterwards you should be able to find it again.Two things we would criticize though: Its really a pain to get this light onto the ceiling!The device is capable of 100 to 277 Volts, so you should be able to use it worldwide.

Here you can see an alwas up to date and possibly the most complete list of supported lights and supported devices that work with your Philips Hue system (producted by Signify, former Philips Lighting especially in conjunction with iConnectHue, but also in general.From the current point, the color lights are NOT recommended.They can have up to 1 Ampere.At the same time, they are cheaper but not by much.It is loud enough to be annoying.Incompatible: Kogeek Kogeek products are incompatible as well.Its type (color, color temperature, brightness or on/off only) is detected and youll get the fitting controls.They are useful to cover certain usage staying strong 365 days a year demi lovato pdf scenarios where no Hue solution is available.The color lights produce the same color range as the 3rd generation E27/A19 bulbs.IConnectHue allows you to do more with the motion sensor than the stock app: You are able to use it with multiple groups, set up to 5 different time ranges (or for day/night) for on and off actions, and you can even limit the motion.Its much faster, especially when processing large amounts of data, like animations, supports HomeKit and is more future proof.Color transitions are partially stuttering, it has problems with setting color and brightness at once, so you might need to press switches twice for them (the same as with the Ikea lights).You may prefer to use them in the kitchen, your bath or the corridor.
All in all its a compromise.