Silver Card: Earn three stars.
Pokemon HeartGold or, soulSilver.Scary Cave: Get 20,000 Watts and the National Dex.Beyond the Sea: Trade for an International Pokemon in the GTS in Goldenrod City.Town Outskirts: Get 3,000 Watts.In the same rooms where you have to complete a picture puzzle of Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Ho-Oh, or Omanyte, there is a plaque that has a word that is spelled using Unowns.In Pokemon SoulSilver, Ho-Oh is obtained after you have defeated the Elite Four.
Hidden items in Ruins Of Alph.

Room with the Omanyte Puzzle: The word is "Water".Warm Beach: Get 7,500 Watts and the National Dex.Soul Silver Hero Male, b D, d, little Boy, b D, d, little Girl,.Room with the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing The word is "Light".Bibarel, elstat ems 55 advanced manual pdf Bidoof, Blaziken, Buizel, Buneary, camerupt, Chimchar, Combusken, Cyndaquil, delcatty, Delibird, Dewgong, Diglett, Donphan, Dugtrio, Dunsparce.Stormy Beach: Get 65,000 Watts and the National Dex.Eevee, Ekans, Electrike, Empoleon, Espeon, Exploud, farfetch'd, Flaaffy, Flareon, Floatzel, Furret, girafarig, Glaceon, Glameow, Golduck, Granbull, Growlithe, Grumpig.Sandshrew, Sandslash, Sealeo, Seedot, Seel, Sentret, Seviper, Shiftry, Shinx, Skitty, Skuntank, Slaking, Slakoth, Smeargle, Sneasel, Snubbull, Spheal, Spinda, Spoink, Stantler, Stunky, Swinub, tauros, Teddiursa, Torchic, Torkoal, Typhlosion Umbreon, Ursaring Vaporeon, Vigoroth, Vulpix Wailmer, Wailord, Walrein, Weavile, Whismur, Wooper Zangoose, Zigzagoon Bug Ariados Beautifly, Beedrill, Burmy.Bronze Card: Earn two stars.Rally: Participated in the Wi-Fi Event during January 29th through February 28th, 2010 in Japan.Mareep, Marowak, Marshtomp, Meganium, Mudkip, nidoking, Nidoran (F Nidoran (M Nidorino.Secret box wallpapers and Pokemon eggs Go to Violet City Pokemon Center.You must use an Escape Rope while facing the plaque.
Venusaur, wartortle, Whismur, ground, absol, Aipom, Ambipom, Ampharos, Arbok, Arcanine.
The four panasonic dmc-fx36 user manual items you receive are Energy Powder, Heal Powder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.