Beyond the energy factors being considered, it is important not to over-design illumination, lest adverse health effects such as headache frequency, stress, and increased blood pressure be induced by the higher lighting levels.
Vehicle use edit Main article: Automotive lighting Vehicles typically include headlamps and tail lights.
Proper lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, or have positive psychological effects on occupants.
Prehistoric people used primitive oil lamps to illuminate surroundings.56 The American Medical Association 57 warned on the use of high blue content white LEDs in street lighting, due to their higher impact on human health and environment, compared to low blue content light sources (e.g.Hanselaer P, Lootens C, Ryckaert W, Deconinck G, Rombauts.Fluorescent light: A tube coated with phosphor containing low pressure mercury vapor that produces white light.56 the leader way pdf Two studies in Israel from 2008 have yielded some additional findings about a possible correlation between artificial light at night and certain cancers.Nearly any material can be used, so long as it can tolerate the excess heat and is in keeping with safety codes.The Professional Lighting And Sound Association ( plasa ) is a UK-based trade organisation representing the 500 individual and corporate members drawn from the technical services sector.
Lighting control systems are sometimes incorporated into larger building automation systems.

Associazione Professionisti dell'Illuminazione (apil) in Italy.Gare de l'Est, paris, low-intensity lighting and haze in a concert hall allows laser effects to be visible.Lighting can also be an intrinsic component of landscape projects.Perfect for any dog lovers, this charming table lamp features a Dachshund dog wearing a gold deta."Light at night codistributes with incident breast but not lung cancer megaman battle and chase psx iso in the female population of Israel".Daylighting has also been proven to have positive effects on patients in hospitals as well as work and school performance.Retrieved 25 February 2014.43 44 Daylighting edit Main article: Daylighting Daylighting is the oldest method of interior lighting.White rear-facing reversing lamps indicate that the vehicle's transmission has been placed in the reverse gear, warning anyone behind the vehicle that it is moving backwards, or about to.The illuminated ceiling was once popular in the 1960s and 1970s but fell out of favor after the 1980s.Base width 22, Shade width.Lower color temperature lamps have relatively more energy in the yellow and red part of the visible spectrum, while high color temperatures correspond to lamps with more of a blue-white appearance.It is a form of backlighting.Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich,.Integration of space planning and interior architecture (including choice of interior surfaces and room geometries) to lighting design.
Switch On the Night.

Outdoors, general lighting for a parking lot may be as low as 10-20 lux (1-2 footcandles) since pedestrians and motorists already used to the dark will need little light for crossing the area.
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