Silver Edition (Official Soundtrack) (2009).W.I.N.E S4 League - Vivace OST Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - Soundtrack I Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - Soundtrack II Saboteur II (Commodore 64) Sachi Tainaka - Kirameku Namida Wa Hoshi Ni (Fate Stay Night.
Heavy Industry Fire 200,000 worth of minigun rounds in a single life.
Next, the spies go to Ellsworth Prison to start a riot, providing a distraction to allow Fisher and Jamie Washington to escape.
Yoshi Super Smash Bros.Death from Above Rocket jump and kill 2 enemies before you land.Pikmin Super Smash Bros.and then heal 500 health.Semper Fry Kill 20 enemies while you are app to crack exe on fire.The Echelon Spies are extremely fast and agile, much more so than the Mercenaries.In power geez unicode font both of these cases, non-detonation causes Dufraisne to kill Enrica in a fit of anger.Riftwalker Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of you traveling through an Engineer's teleporter.Trade Secrets Kill 20 players carrying the Intelligence.First Blood Get the first kill in an Arena match.Sapsucker Sap an enemy building, then backstab the Engineer who built it within 5 seconds.

The Longest Daze Kill 5 stunned players.A b "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent for Xbox 360 Reviews".During the meeting, Aswat sells Emile several kilograms of red mercury, an explosive material that can detonate with the force of a thermonuclear bomb.Spark Plugger As a Sniper, kill 4 enemies simultaneously.Revengineering Use a revenge crit to kill the enemy player that destroyed your sentry gun.Mercenaries of Upsilon Force.Nintendo Super Smash Bros.Kill Everyone You Meet Kill 1000 enemies.Animal Crossing Super Smash Bros.Fisher may shoot Hisham, or spare and extract him.Slash And Burn Backstab an enemy, who then switches to Pyro before they respawn.These traps are triggered when a spy searches a piece of furniture for an item or opens a booby trapped door, resulting in a cartoon style animation showing the subject being shot, blown up, etc, and floating up to heaven as an angel.