state of play bbc episode 1

Meanwhile, his team pin the author of the anonymous letters to a City wideboy named Dominic Foy (Marc Warren).
Cal is uncomfortable with pursuing what amounts to a domestic scandal until his colleague Della (Kelly Macdonald) discovers a surprising link between Sonia's death and the murder of black teenager, Kelvin Stagg.
Della realises she is being followed and that her life is in danger.
He knows Della is withholding information and is determined to find out what she and Cal know.When Sonia Baker, a young political researcher, is killed on the Tube her high profile Labour MP boss (David Morrissey) is devastated.Cal and his team corner Dominic Foy, who is edgy and obstructive and constantly changes his story.Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.He is disturbed to find her supportive of Stephen when he reveals that Sonia had been planted in his office.They discover a connection between Foy and lobbyists for the oil industry.
His only supporter now is the energy minister, George Fergus, who wills him to succeed.

Wed 23:50, bBC One.After the murder of DI Brown, DCI Bell (Philip Glenister) is put on the investigation.With the stakes at the highest, their story takes one final, gut-wrenching turn.Kelvin had stolen a silver briefcase that contained photos of Stephen and Sonia and a gun.The story is pursued by The Herald, its editor Cameron Foster (Bill Nighy) and its reporter, Cal McCaffrey (John Simm who was Stephen's former campaign manager.By clicking "Publish you are confirming that the image fully complies with.This doesn't go down well with the party's spin doctor, 2006 honda accord haynes repair manual Andrew Wilson (Michael Feast who is trying to keep Stephen's reputation intact.The discovery that he had a sexual history with Sonia leads the team to suspect that he's guilty.His anger at the scale of the deception leads him to Cal once more.Last on, broadcasts, sun 21:00, bBC One.Stephen is now single-minded in his obsession - who in the government knew Sonia was a plant?Remember: Abuse of the m image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site so, play nice and respect the rules!Show more / Show less, you may also like, view all.Sensing that his team is close to snaring their prey, Cal invites Stephen to listen in to an interview with Dominic Foy, hoping that with a few well-aimed questions, the increasingly paranoid Foy will crack.
And why are they protecting George Fergus?
Meanwhile, Cal's personal and professional life gets hopelessly tangled when he embarks on a love affair with Anne Collins.

DCI Bell and Cal collude in a plan to smoke out the hit man.
Stephen may also be hiding something as Sonia knew she had the job in his office a month before her interview.
The hospital fire alarm is set off and as they are moving the patient a marksman takes arm at him but misses and kills DI Brown.