Description: Regular backgammon or Acey-Deucy.
Seven levels of play.
Six board designs to choose from.SlapGammon developed BY: Neko Software.The game can accounting software busy crack also store the score history of every player (a very handy feature if you want to proclaim your superiority later).More seasoned players will enjoy the challenging computer opponent, the numerous analysis dialogs available, the ability to browse through crossed badlands issue 25 (pdf) feb 2013 every move in a match, and the range of game rules and options that are available.Description: Easy to use.Description: Originally known as Silicon Highlands Backgammon.Lets you save positions in an archive.The program is fast (thinks about 1/2 second per move, longer when it is doubling).Machine n17, machine n18, machine n19, machine n20.Description: Good graphics and sound effects.
Romar Backgammon developed BY: Ronald Marseille.
Read Albert Silver's tutorial, all About GNU for more information.

Absolute Backgammon, developed BY: David Byrum.Description: 3DFiBs offers a strong computer opponent with a GnuBG powered offline player that can give hints on the best move, and it also includes a popular m client for online play with real people.Description: Five match-play options.Description: Three skill levels.Collect and analyze matches played online.Gives advice on checker play and cube decisions.