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OS is not the only option.
If for whatever reason that doesnt work there are other methods to mount ISOs within Mac OS X, and well cover ways to do this with the built-in Disk Utility and a more advanced option of using the command line.If youre wondering how to mount an ISO image in Mac OS X, it is very easy.The ISO should now appear mounted on the Mac OS desktop.They are the following: If you have no images.Mounting an ISO file is not a complex task either on Windows or on Mac.You can just double-click on the image, and it will be ready to useIn case you have already tried this system application, you may know that it works with only several types of virtual disks, and even not all ISO files game persona 3 ps2 can be mounted using.Thus, you can create a virtual data storage that won't occupy any real place.You may ask, why you need to mount ISO on Mac if it is easier to work with physical disks, but of course, the virtual images have lots of advantages.Yes, this works for other disk image files too (dmg, img, etc).Another option is to mount an ISO using the command line on Mac.
In the Terminal type the following command: hdiutil mount o, with o being the path to the image you want to mount.

I would like to tell you about mounting an ISO file with daemon Tools for Mac.Usually it is pre-installed on your computer, so you need just to launch.For most ISO images you can mount them simply by double-clicking the ISO image file, and it will go through the auto-mounter app within Mac OS X putting it on your desktop.OS.7 Lion.To mount ISO, Mac, oS uses its default application Disk Utility.History or, images tabs and click, mount icon on the toolbar: In the main program window, choose an image and click.

After the checksum is completed, your ISO will appear mounted on your Mac OS X desktop thats.
So, when you are to mount ISO, Mac, oS can't provide you with the perfect solution, but daemon Tools does!
 33  Freeware, a program to rip ISO from CD/DVD to create an exact copy.