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4x4 evo 2 vehicle mods

Drawbacks: -Absolutely requires.SFX file to define the mods length.
In a mods way it almost seems to work backwards, some minor tweaks today fixed this up However, it needs some more play-testing to find that right balance of a true simulation, and 4x4 Evo physics.
1 Kilroy357 9 Freeware, new blood effects, bullet drop and penetration, 22 new ammo types and more.
Removed debugging info from widescreen options when 16:9 is selected -Automatic tranmission ratios seperate from manuals now -Added a poorly done hack to reduce Framerate/CPU use while racing.(MTM1/2 style terrain) 2014/04/01 Mucho progresso Got a whole bunch done last night: -Engine sounds now switch based on engine type, and aspiration.A lot more is needed, but this is what was done today: -Auto-track download option -New backend.Hopefully I'll have this patch set for release this week depending how things play out.Water Temp Tie into the light mods damage, fuel consumption, possibly engine damage as well.Worked a bit on compiling a bug list, and some minor work on getting a new version of the editor out.Also made the other following changes: -AWD mods vehicles mods can no mods longer shift into 2WD -AWD vehicles with a transfer ratio.0f can not select 4WD Low. Attempted to raise maximum vehicle count over 8, but met vehicle with memory allocation issues.

Fun fact: The PS2 version using the same manual quality 256x256 distance texture as the PC version, and one 1024x1024 chronicle medium distance texture.Should be uploading a torrent fender tomorrow once I have time.Haven't had the time to do much work mods this weekend.Did find some mods fun settings to play with that aren't on the PC version, will have to burn a disc and give it.Sorted the issue with the terrain floating in the sky, and disabled the "BigVis" system when you play older Evo1 lite maps.Still need some better sound samples, and work on implementing new sounds.Might be a few days before this is revisiting truly ready, but it will be worthwhile.This time we can offer direct downloads, so prepare to say good bye to torrents as the primary distribution method.Players are allowed to customize their manual vehicle racing to their liking with a variety of engine, suspension, wheels, tires, and other aftermarket parts and modifications.However with the format information not publicly available, it makes it near impossible to figure out.2014/03/27 Sound Work Worked on creating some new engine sound loops.Preparing to release the next patch, just have some more tweaking to do, and have been working on minor physics updates to address some low-speed handling issues.Added vehicle status gauges, not properly simulated -Increased maximum dust cloud limit from 200 to 1000 -Increased area dust clouds can cover, as hardware has advanced -Reduced auto-flip maximum speed.5KMH from 3KMH -Major amount of work to engine audio system, provisions are now.Advantages: -Massively better file size to quality ratio. Evo 2 patch number 5 is now available for download!
Including versions 1 through.
As a result it will end up loading the stock sounds, think I have a solution but that will have to wait for now.

A few to Evo 1, and with some helpful people from vales I can now 4x4 evo 2 vehicle mods incorperate some Jeep Evo 2 updates as well, though that will have to wait a tad longer.
However did have some setbacks, and odd issues that forced me to start over from scratch pretty much.
Also attempted to increase the distance mesh can only get it up to 40 units, anything beyond that is causing the vertex buffer to go wonky.