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Ac tech intelligent drive mc series manual

ac tech intelligent drive mc series manual

Please refer to chapter 2 while assembling and handling the wires Installation intelligent method Assembling of the servo motor Warning: While assembling the servo motor, avoid dropping.
If this difference value exceeds the setting drive value, the position deviation excess alarm will be occurred.
1) Backlash compensation sign setting 1 Change the operating display as parameter setting mode by pressing the key twice.
Mounting method There drive should be a space wider than 100 mm below and above the servo drive.Please manual change the parameter 45 as 1 only when it needs to set as ATC because default value is 0, Turret/Magazine.If the initial position corresponds to the home intelligent position, the drive outputs origin_OUT signal.1) tech Set the parameter 2.9) Do not dismantle series the servo drive within 5 minutes after shutting off the main power. Time(parameter 29) S-shaped time constant(parameter 21) total decel.

After setting the keefe origin-point, turn the windows power OFF and turn ON windows again in other to complete the setting.(c) The ground wire should be wired singly to the ground panel.Current Overload fault: Output current exceeded.9) Set the origin at the origin setting display of the diagnosis mode.Start stop JOG- keefe svon magic JOG Sequence of display conversions 2) Sequence output signal : ON/OFF state of external output signals is displayed in 7 segments.Press the key to change the display to diagnosis mode, and then press the down key once to change the display to origin setting display mode.B Servo drive for Turret/Magazine Modification of Servo motor.1 Formal type designation (Page 1) Modification.6 Outside circuit connection anydvd diagram (Page 15) Modification.7 Layout of connector terminal CN1, CN2 (Page 18) Modification of contents.1 Automatic operation (Page 22).Parameter and Machine Origin setting method after replacement of the servo drive At the time of the first machine assembly, should be set the absolute encoder zero-point to the Machine Origin.5) Connect the PE terminal block sportage of the servo motor to the PE terminal block U, V, W of the servo drive in order to prevent electric shock.When the svon signal is OFF, this signal turns OFF after the setting time in the parameter.Control, perform factory reset using Parameter. 7 Do not use the servo motor and drive differently other than stated in this manual.
Return to the original display after saving the parameter up to 46 manual automatically.