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Aten kvm switch cs1308 manual

Repeat until all access rights have been set, then press Enter.
Remove the switch screws from the left and right side panels near the front of the switch (2 screws total).
OSD Login switch The OSD incorporates a two level (administrator / user) password system.Additionally, the CS1308 / CS1316 features a compact design that allows installation in manual a 1U system rack.It is the responsibility of the user to correct such interference.To set the timeout value, aten key in a number from minutes, then press Enter.Note: The CS1316 is pictured above.In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.Selects how the port ID is displayed: the port number plus the port name (port number port name) (default the port number alone switch (port number or the port name alone (port name).After you press B, the beeper toggles on or off.The procedures are described in the following sections.When you are in skip mode: press to switch to the previous computer in the list press to switch to the next computer in the list Note: When you skip, manual you only skip to the the previous or next available computer that is in the.Using aten the console cable provided, connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the CS1308 / CS1316 console port. The devices capable of being upgraded are listed in the Device List panel: 43.
Peel the protective backing off of the foot pads, and affix them to the bottom panel of the CS1308 / CS1316 at the corners, as aten shown in the diagram below.

To exit Skip mode, press Esc or Spacebar.For more information see Port LEDs, page.To exit skip mode, press Spacebar or Esc.If it finds that the device's version is higher than the upgrade version, it brings up a dialog box configuration informing you of the situation and gives you the option to tools continue or cancel.Click the port, or use null the navigation keys to move the highlight bar to it, then press Enter.The corresponding functions are shown in the table med-v below. Port ID display duration configuration port ID display mode scan duration Determines tools how long tools a port ID displays on the monitor after a port change has tools taken place.
Chapter 3, Basic Operation, explains the fundamental concepts involved in operating the CS1308 / CS1316.