24350B-420B0 fiberoptic interface,5B-211B0 stcklght W/setpnt, chkwghr,M355 24370B-300A0 option mounting KIT, M370 24375B-121B0 charger KIT,9.6V,8D pack, M link, weigh BAR 75K CAP plate, grout-END,50T sect-fmts plate, grout-50T section, fmts 24574B-401A0 keyboard serial adaptor 24660B-002M0 database option,2M, 0B-102C0 DIN SCR option, V2,M660 24660B-110A0 setpoint, DC,4 output,0B-111A0 setpoint.
F fram,64KX8 DIP expansion MEM.L/C enclosure 4-0016 KIT, RRK60, 60' X 10' deck REB KIT, RRK66, 66' X 10' deck REB KIT, RRK72, 72' X 10' deck REB KIT, CSK60, 60' X 10' deck COR KIT, CSK66,66' X 10' deck corr KIT, CSK72 72' X 10' deck corr anchor.AWT KIT, adapter.25X7.M keypad assy, ABS4100 scale keypad membrane, M keypad assembly, M350IS, engl keypad membrane, M keypad, rubber,M465,engl, V keypad membrane, M keypad membrane, M keypad, M664,generic keypad membrane, marco LM III C,overlay display lens, M display overlay, M overlay, M351,front panel foot,1/2-20X3.1 3"DIA, SS,BBF foot.Components can be obtained very quickly and ensuring fast repairs and upgrades.Summing board KIT.S.Bumper, rubber-recessed.6-0063 WS, foam-OC, ADH BK,.25X.Summing BOX, SS, M hook, fork MTG LTS chain link assy,1.25,zinc PLT U-bolt,1-1/2 DIA high strength W/B ASY, WBT.0K.25'CAV CON W/B assy, WBP.0K 25'CA conn W/B assy, WBT.0K 36'CA leads bracket, MTG-W/B,weld, stlbridge plate, retainer-U-bolt, stlbridg spring, grndg-diamond bench SCA M370.Screw, HEX HD SS 10-32.CR3106E-14S-6P PIN, cotter 5/32 X 1 1/ PIN, roll 1/2 X 4 1/ connector, CR3106A12S-52P connector, CR3106A-14S-5P connector, CR3106A-14S-6P NUT, HEX locking.50unjc-3B washer, lock CS/ZP 1/ washer, lock CS/ZP 1/ washer, lock SST 1/ bolt, HEX.25-20.75 GR bolt, HEX.50-13.50.J-BOX assy, ABS (5).AWT05-500348, iNST assy, FLI 225, digital, aWT05-500396.M665,process controller, game moto racer 3 full SS,VFD M665,process controller, SS,LCD M665,process controller, PM,VFD M665,process controller, PM,LCD M665,PM, LCD,custom, NO RF cover summing BOX, M4542,ABS.S.Assy foot 1/4-20 X 1 1/4 SC assy FT 3/8-16X1.25 W/J-NUT SZ assy FT 1/4-20 W/J-NUT foot lvlg molded hard.5" foot lvlg molded soft.5" assy foot HYB 1/4-20 W/collet shrd ball TOP bench panel, front keyboard PC FAN, axial motor,12VDC,3.28L/S PCB assy main.
PIN LIF, flex connector BP04260-02,OFS, BLK HCS FO conn BP04260-01,OFS, BLU HCS FO conn hfbr-4531,agilent, BLK POF conn ZW-06-11-S-S-250-330,samtec PIN header strip,1X6,.025.
We use the scale manuals and troubleshooting strategies to fix scales right the first time.

AWT05-500590, kIT, display housing 3235, aWT05-500691, rM-200 assy, RS232, aWT05-500697.11"L PCB assy, RD4100/611-0015 cable assy, EXT batt PC-90X plate, locking sprt easipost weigh BAR assy.60K 36FT.Foot assy, SST W/NUT.62-11X2.SS, M5X.8X14MM HX/PHL-HD sems, SS M5X.8X18 HEX phlps SS INT SEM /2"self-algn WSH, SS,ITA,1-10K /2-20X1.00,FLT head, ITA,1-10K /4-16X1.90 flat head, sltd,ITA manual, user,M675 scale A,tech REF guide, M672/M users guide, ITA assemblies manual, service,370/ R1 ethernet board,60 series, prgrm R2 ethernet board, M675,programmed ethernet/IP interface.Part number, description, aWT05-052918, aSSY, MI payload, aWT05-500180.LCD,1.0"high-8 digit-reflect plate, side-weld, fmts/fcts/imts bridge denon dn v310 manual plate weldment,10' cable assy, RD4000/6000 N4 30' cable assy, RD4000/6000 N4 75' PIN, link-support, fmts-40K LB link, W/B-50K LB CAP, fmtsc W/B assy, WBT-50K 50'cable SST crystal/bezel, dial IND, MAX HD base, pole-cast aluminum CA assy, DC power-conn 5-0010.Shrd open corners 8X platter SS RND 5KG shrd welded 18X shrd VF ABS plstc 12X-15767 shrd drawn flat 12DEG bench shroud dished SS level bubble.63DIA foam PAD.5X4.5X.-12126 desiccant BAG 1/-14144 knob 10-32X1/4L stud SS magnetic strip.06X1.5"W keyboard contact type fuse slow.2A 250V 5X20MM.50LB teflon cable assy, intfc-50 W/CON SST cable assy, RET cord, S (legal) cable assy, RET (NON-legal) W/B assy,[email protected]/V-SST CA W/B assy, WBT-60.0K 81'CA SST cable assy, retractile LTS xlng weigh BAR assy,60K 50' SST CA KIT, PRE-filter 127/ cable assy, I/O-main WPI135 2' cable.Keypad assy INT'L keypad assy.Inst assy, FLI 225, analog, aWT05-500469, iNST assy, FLI 225, anlg,7 PIN.Visor, XR4500 LED remote despl, aWT05-500181, visor, XR4500TL/6500 LED remote, aWT05-500206.Floorscale column,36"CS, W/cutout, W/handle quick disconnect, washdown loadcell splash guard, LE,SS column,36"SS, W/cutout, W/handle column spacer, CS,4.5" tblr.
KIT, flsc-05 W/B, aWT05-500946, kIT, FLP100 PWR conditioner, aWT05-500947.

Sand bracket, stand,WI-17-0019 encl, weld-SM dspl WI18-0018 weighbar assy, sngl.