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Bridge construction game for mac

For more experienced bridge designers, architects, bridge and others who really get good at this game, Chronic Logic has some contests of bridge design.
Check out the website for info on the current and recent contests.
As you get to more difficult levels, you'll need to apply all that you've learned about bridge design and physics.Other than lacking construction a few Mac-specific descriptions, the instruction manual, ReadMe file, and help function were very helpful, giving me enough information to dive into bridge building.Try your hand at giant suspension bridges, complex drawbridges, multi-level train and automobile bridges and everything in bridge between.The provided maps provide you an area bridge with a water construction course.Basically you need to build bridges in order to pass the levels.However it's pretty addictive while you try to find out the proper solution for a certain level.Building materials include cables, hydraulics and more.Venture Africa - Another Sandbox style game.Bridge Construction Set includes many types of bridge building levels in varying degrees of difficulty from simple to complex with a tutorial to get you started building bridges.Over forty types of 3d objects decorate the levels. For example you can't modify the track angle, so you can't finish the last level from the first game set of maps, or a level from the second set of maps that encounters the same issue.
The collapses are dramatic and quite interesting to watch themselves, with dangling beams swaying and other bridge parts or vehicles splashing in the water.

I don't design bridges for a living, just for fun.I downloaded it to strategic check it out.But they're just fine buick for this type of game; fancy graphics wouldn't add much.In Bridge Construction Set you design and build bridges and then stress test them to see how your creations hold up under pressure.And the program worked just fine on technical my iBook.Don't worry if you're not a civil engineer or architect.You can also sense manual where are the trouble elements which can jeopardize the entire bridge.If you build a bridge that's not strong enough to even engine support its own weight, the bridge starts collapsing as soon as the test begins, before the vehicles are in sight.Minimum system requirements: OSX.1, g3 500 Mhz processor, nvidia TNT2 or Voodoo3 class of graphics card 64MB of memory.Size: 11 MB download, developer: Chronic Logic, questions: Contact Support.You can see where the week spots are, where the solid construction is engine by the color of the beams. You need to build a bridge over it on order to support the mass (weight) strategic of a given train.