Low contact pressure RCA phono plugs are non-magnetic with gold plate.
High definition 75W audio video patch cables AND balanced 1/4 " plug patch cords.Of Conductor 1(Mono) 2 1(Dual) 4(Quad) Conductor Details 20/0.12 OFC 30/0.08 OFC Size(mm).226mm 24 AWG).15mm 26 AWG) Insulation.WR-01 WR-03 WR-06 WR-10 WR-15 WR-20 Length 1 Ft crack para happy tree friends false alarm 30cm 3 Ft 90cm 6.8m 10 Ft 3m 15.5m 20.1m Cable : Part.W2965 Black Only 77m/153m (250Ft/500Ft).Length 12" 30cm 18" 45cm 24" 60cm 36" 90cm 48" 120cm 60" 150cm 72" 180cm Cable : Part.Insulation Resistance 100000 M m Min.
Choice of five attractive colors for standard stock items except for dual (stereo) version : Black.
Also, for any special wiring, wiring diagram is necessary.

Using Neglex cable technology and advanced two stage molding technique (1/4" plug these cables offer the following advantages: Low capacitance 65pF/m (19.8pF/Ft).Choice of five attractive colors for Bantam Patch Cord Only : Black.W2964 Standard color : Black BNC to RCA Part.Specifications are subject to change without notice.20C.4H/m(0.12H/Ft).5H/m(0.15H/Ft) Characteristic Impedance(10MHz) 75W - Attenuation (10MHz.0608 dB/m - Phase Constant (10MHz).3 rad/m - Electrostatic Noise* 50m V Max.Neglex OFC conductor and served (spiral) shield are perfectly matched for High Definition Audio.BR-03 BR-06 BR-10 BR-16 Length 3 Ft 90cm 6.8m 10 Ft 3m 16.8m Cable : Part.All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.W2964 Standard color : Black Back To Top 1/4" Plug to 1/4" Plug (2P/Mono) Part.W2893 Standard Color : Black Back To Top Stereo RCA Phono Cables Part.Example W2534 W2893 W2791 W2552 W1964 W1965 etc.Adaptor cable of bantam plug or longframe plug to other connector available to special order.SS-01 SS-03 SS-06 SS-10 SS-15 SS-20 Length 1 Ft 30cm 3 Ft 90cm 6.8m 10 Ft 3m 15.5m 20.1m Cable : Part.Cables Inductance between conductors at 1kHz.