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Cheats for saints row 2 ps3 unlimited ammo

Infinite shotgun ammo: Successfully complete Drug Trafficking, Level 6 in Airport.
Free Music track: Collect 20 CDs.
Easy Snatch activities: Use a Bear (the Police APC) to unlimited easily ammo complete Snatch activities.
Posted on:, drive-in theater, where is the cheats drive-in theater in Saints Row 2?Fighting Styles Brotherhood melee: Successfully complete Brotherhood, Mission.Repair Car - #1056, ambulance - #1040, anchor - #1041.Race plane: Successfully complete all plane races in Stilwater.From: ammo mj 1, posted unlimited on:, from: Dyltje.Sons Of Samedi notoriety reduced (15 Successfully complete Snatch, Level 6 in University.Reduced unlimited bullet damage (5 Successfully complete Heli Assault, Level 3 in Bario.Easy money Find and cheats store a few armored trucks in your garage.Code - Zombie people by Unregistered Jun 23, 2011 #409 Code: Effect: zombie people changes everybod to zombies Glitch - Skill Someone might not need this.Then you unlimited will go through the wall when you get off and the bike is in the invisible wall. News helicopter: Successfully complete Sons Of Samedi, Mission.

Traffic cone hat: Get a manual "3 Gold live Star" rank in visual Vehicle Surfing.Rampage - visual #1067, raycaster - #1068, reaper - #1069.Sunshine in the factory, use a rocket on his voodoo doll to knock him down and cause damage.Sunshine To kill.Heaven Bound - #12, add manual Gang Notoriety - #35, merchandising never Die - #36. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Saints Row 2 on Playstation 3 platform.
Defeating The black General To kill The General in the mall, use the saved rockets to blow up his armored Bulldog, then shoot him with any gun until he dies.