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Chicago manual of style q and a

Compare writer-director, in which the nouns represent two separate (and grammatically equal) functions.
Cmos mentions this style as an alternative in paragraph.27.
We recommend sentence style style first because its easy to manual apply and manual applicable across many languages.But be sure to manual retain all caps for names (or elements thereof) that are always so styled: EMI Blackwood Music Inc.Our typesetter applied Chicagos rule to hashtags breaking over two lines (specifically #MeToo and the proofreader marked to force them all to one line, which may result in a manual lot of loose/tight lines since this occurs quite frequently.For newspapers, especially those that are published in print, concision is crucial, so changing most well-known to best-known as a matter of policy makes good sense.If you follow the link to paragraph.82, you will see that a permanent compound style is a compound thats listed in the dictionary in any chicago formopen, chicago hyphenated, or closed.Im editing a biography (in English) of a French historical figure that contains many French-language titles of works, including plays, books, poems, and artwork.A: Yes, so long as only authorized users have access to your server.All users, including the group administrator, must use the group log-in information to access the content.Institutional patrons and free-trial users are unable to access Account Management.Well-known is an established compound; its listed in Merriam-Webster (where its defined as fully or widely known).But to immortalize an eventespecially if the desired effect is irony (or tragicomedy)we agree that capitalization would be the better choice.If you were to use sentence case for French titles of works, then yesyou would write Les misérables, because misérables is not a proper noun. Group Subscription Questions Q: Is it possible to increase the number of members in a group subscription?
CMS was once a favorite around here, the growth of content management systems in the 1990s compelled us to reconsider.

Please email for details.Italics would work well for the occasional emphasis: Did you hear about the incident?A: Yes, we offer phpbb discounted institutional subscription automapa rates for such organizations.Nor are you obligated to use headline-style capitalization for the rest of the statement, which is technically a sentence.Some work better than others, so its probably automapa best style to consider these on a case-by-case crack basis. So the most well-known author arguably loses just a little by being changed to the best-known author.
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(Compare pets will be permitted on a case-by-case basis style manual to pets will be permitted case by case.) But if youre considering a shipment of beer, you may need to examine it case by case (literally).