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Color lines game windows

color lines game windows

Game of a line 2 is a new sight on old classical game game from color a series logic Games.
Since its initial release in mid 90s the game had seen many color modifications, extensions and game other changes - some indeed for the good - by various software developers and publishers around the world.
The game quickly became color extremely popular and at some point was reportedly more popular than Tetris itself in Russia.
Color lines color lines.2 game is obliged to color the name of a line to game in balls since far 1992 from the company gamos ltd., and differs from the first version of game of a line more Beautiful design and the big opportunities to rearrange balls in color.Very beautiful versions of game in balls are issued in structure of collections of games for Game consoles.Travel the puzzling universe! Easy to learn, tough to master; this cosmic lines puzzle game will keep you entertained and challenged.

When such line is arranged it disappears.Color Lines crack by Gamos Software, a Russian company which, to the danea best of our knowledge, was the first to release.The rows will disappear, leaving more space for new gems.Screenshots, requirements, danea windows Mobile.0 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile.0 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC (requires.Description, lines is a very popular, simple and lines easy-to-play puzzle game.Qvga (240x320 VGA (480x640).1 100 free!Each turn, danea three randomly colored color balls appears on the board.You can make vertical, play horizontal or diagonal lines.Yet the two games are totally different in both concept and gameplay experience. The program is now.

So happened and with game of a line where it is necessary rearranging Color balls on a game field to make lines or figures of one color.
You can color lines game windows move ball if there is a path (linked set of vertical and horizontal empty cells) between the current position of the ball and the desired position.
Lines, which are longer than 5 balls, will be awarded by extra score points.