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Commanche 4 hi res patch

Added 800 pixel wide Interface-bar Art created by Continuum.
V4.0.0 22/09/12 Fixed a commanche bug in my world map code commanche causing keyboard commands to fail.Colonizationfans 2 Freeware.Log" so that it's clear that they come from the commanche Hi-Res patch.Multiple edge sets can now be set up on a single map level.Dll.1 changes Memory Mismatch errors are now sent to a log file "f2_res_error.Adjusted transitional fade functions, in previous versions fade time speed was commanche calculated before every commanche transition, which is probably unnecessary in most cases.Helicopter simulation with RAH-66 Comanche and Russian Ka-52 Hokum models.3 ArKaos.a.Dat and can be patched in the data folder.Control ArKaos VJ and all your other patch DMX compatible equipment.Lego DC Super Heroes: Aquaman: Rage Of Atlantis Interview.Fixed a bug causing window mode patch to crash when adjusting the window size with the x2 scaler enabled.Variables Scroll distance from player variables scroll_dist_X and scroll_dist_Y now adapt to the chosen resolution. 421 Shareware.Added the option to play in a resizable window. Text used in the Screen-Settings screen can now be edited in a msg file.
When subtitles are enabled, a space will automatically be created for them at the bottom of the movie patch screen.

F2_i changes: MAP_edge_name setting now equals the name of the folder label where map-edge files are stored.Added for acoustica alternative mouse input, scroll various lists by page when holding middle button down while scrolling.Rtf updated Added Weak-Ling to keygen the Contributors section Re-worded a patch few things that were poorly written (I hope).1 27/05/08 f2_res.In the config ini, moved ALT_mouse_input setting from main to new section input.V4.1.3 18/09/13 Fixed a bug causing the mouse to jiggle about.Added for alternative mouse input, weapon slot switching via middle button.V3.0.4 02/11/11 Fixed a bug which sometimes security caused a blank screen when loading maps with multiple areas.Added option to the config ini, extra_WIN_MSG_checks to input section to fix "NOT responding" error in windowed mode.(WIP)Added an option to display an alternate Ammo Metre which is wider and changes colour depending how much ammo remains in your current weapon.Added a couple of settings for movie subtitles in the f2_i Changed the layout of the f2_i to make it easier to use.Fallout 2 high resolution patch region Ver.1.8.5 Clickteam 375 Shareware, patch Maker can help you create update manual patches for existing applications.Colonization Patch is a patch for Sid Meier's Civilization: Colonization.V1.7 23/09/08 Full Screen Movies.MSI Patch Builder compliments Microsoft Visual Studio Setup Projects. Changed "Colour's" to "Colours" on the Screen settings window.
Added some side art to fill the blank areas either side of the IFace-Bar.
Text is now cut with the remained being displayed on the next line.

All 10 000 tile and 40 commanche 4 hi res patch 000 hex positions can be utilised.
Added "ignore_scroll_limits"- for turning ON/OFF scroll limit from player.