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The product has been made even more robust when errors occur in the converting applications and a new feature has been added to auto restart the service on a specified time period to ensure service availability is 24/7.
Fixes: Text extraction font metric fixed so text extraction is more accurate.
Problems with Intelligent Services in Office 365.Staying compatible with earlier versions of PowerPoint Effects of compatibility mode Migrating to Office 2007 - Guides for IT Professionals Why isn't the Insert Slide command on the Insert tab?Product Key issues, what version of PowerPoint do I have?Improved the return codes for the Document Conversion Service command line conversion utilities so a return error code of 0 is success, 1 is failed and 2 is invalid parameters on command line.Free PowerPoint Viewers, Viewer Capabilities, general PowerPoint troubleshooting procedures, problem Report Form.Dll where custom user settings starting with Save; were not being applied when combining files.Confirmed support for DCS using Ghostscripts latest version,.19.Why Choose Classic PDF editor?I can no longer insert EPS graphics into PowerPoint.

Message: "PowerPoint couldn't load the add-in add-in file name" when starting Powerpoint 2007 "You must accept the Office End User License Agreement" message when starting Office programs.Can't open modify password protected presentation in Viewer Text bunches up at left of slide Mysterious text appears, slides advance unexpectedly (Ghosties Ex Machina) Grid appears in pasted/linked Excel worksheets Pen doesn't work during slide show in PowerPoint 2003 Video/Movie plays full screen when projected.Fixed the peernet ConvertUtility.Peernet Document Conversion Service.0.010 Released December 4, 2013 Features: Added ability to control PDF printing auto-rotation setting with the profile setting geAutoRotate.Default is 2 additional attempts for a total of 3 attempts.Resolved issue where Excel Workbooks with hidden sheets with intOut set to PrintOutChartsThenWorkbook or PrintOutWorkbookThenCharts and intHiddenWorksheets set to false would fail to print.Improved size of created jpeg and tiff files with jpeg compressed images.As.4.1 the Outside In Technology needs to be installed under the account, normally dcsadmin, that DCS is installed under.Fixed issue with nvertUtility.
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It also comes with a comprehensive user manual which provides guidelines and instructions for the users so that they can take maximum benefit from this PDF editing software.