Baling or grinding means if you deliver 10 tons (10,000 kg) a week, youd make at least 250,000 Naira (834) in profit every week.
Note 1: The exchange rate in this business plan is calculated based on the manual telefono inalambrico panasonic kx-tg2431 value of a Naira to a Dollar at 1 to 300 Naira.Luckily, the plastic recycling industry has shown great prowess, both in the collection, distribution, and recycling of plastic wastes.Strike deals with the cleaners, and they would store and sell the plastic bottle wastes to you for a little personal extra cash at the end of each day.With the right tools, hard smart work, and a solid distribution network, youd be on your way to growing a successful business from sourcing plastic bottle recyclables.There are windows media player 12.2 many other intelligent means to get plastic wastes like offering households incentives to store their plastic wastes for your collection business, and many more.There are also other types of plastic bottles that can be recycled, but PET bottles are the most popular plastic bottles that are recycled in Nigeria.You can get plastic bottles from event centres: After every occasion and event, lots of plastic bottles are always littered around.You could pick from public dump sites: Dump sites by far have the largest collection of plastic wastes.Image Source: Web Designers Professional Web Design Development Service Our SEO-Ready Web Design Development Service Will Give Your Company A Professional Online Presence Learn More.At this stage of plastic recycling collection and sale, what would determine if you turn in a profit would be how you handle expenses; especially on transportation.But beware of the cabals at the dump sites.Their recycled by-products can be used to make life jackets, bags, ropes, furniture, combs, car bumpers, and of course, plastic bottles.In the light of the lucrative opportunities in the plastic recycling industry, The StartupTipsDaily Team has taken out time to prepare a robust plastic recycling eBook on how anyone can start and grow a successful plastic recycling (collection) business.

Transporting the plastic bottle wastes from various pick up sites to your personal dump site, and finally the recycling companys factory, also carries its own cost.They use something they call Wecycles to pick up plastic bottles from households and the likes.A little challenge here is the cost of the baling and grinding machine.Note 2: Its important you register with local waste management and recycling organisations like lawma (Lagos Waste Management Authority) to receive special benefits, and to also ensure youre not violating any local laws.See Also: A Step by Step Guide On How To Start A Business In Nigeria.This fee is a standard in the Nigerian plastic recycling industry.This collection method was saved for last because, although it has huge potentials, the politicking behind getting the plastic wastes from any dump site in Nigeria might not be worth your time.With the growing volume of plastic wastes in various cities around the world, the need to effectively manage them is becoming more important with every passing day.The startup capital for running a plastic recycling factory is on a high end.See Also: 10 Reasons You Must Write A Business Plan.This cost is extremely high for the common man because of the cost of building the factory, purchasing the recycling machines, and many other factors.Its estimated to cost about 25 million Naira (84,000) to set up a plastic recycling factory.Tracking your expenses is crucial to your success.This e-book is perfect for beginners, as it will take you from a novice to a plastic recycling (collection) professional, and help you either make money by starting your own plastic recycling (collection) business, or by becoming a plastic recycling (collection) consultant.If after baling, you use a grinding machine to grind the baled plastics, your selling price goes even higher.
Top Three Recycling Business Ideas and Opportunities In Nigeria, plastic recycling came up on top because of its extreme and proven viability in Nigeria and many other parts of the world.
If you sell ten tons (10,000kg your revenue would be between 250,000 to 300,000 Naira (834 to 1000).