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Crack middle tongue chinese medicine

Slight quivering means that Spleen Qi cannot hold it medicine steady.
Six Week Baby, marcin Okupniak, dreamstime Stock Photos, it is easy to understand the chinese outline, but to be able to distinguish all the many parts tongue of middle the picture and integrate them with other parts of the diagnosis medicine takes experience.
This may cause speech abnormalities such as slurring or mumbled speech.That means you can often 'see' how they are performing just by looking at the tongue for a few moments.Like the sole of the foot (used in Reflexology) and the ear ( auriculotherapy middle it is a kind of holographic microcosm of the body.Sore Covered Tongue Body in progress. Peeled, Mirrored, Shiny, No Coating With a mirrored tongue, there is no coating on medicine the tongue.
If a contracted tongue also has a sticky tongue coating, this may indicate Turbid-Phlegm blocking the channels.

When to do tongue diagnosis in puck good light, epson preferably daylight, because you can battlefield see the food natural colours and processor coating more easily then when the patient hasn't just 'cleaned' his tongue: in fact, ask him not to clean his tongue when he comes to see you.Patchy: meaning that some bits of the tongue are bare, raw.Big or Enlarged Tongue An enlarged tongue can indicate Phlegm, Damp, or Water Stagnation.If the tongue is also pale processor and moist, it adventure is more likely Spleen Yang Deficiency or a Cold-Damp pattern.Indicates the state of Blood, Yin organs, and Ying (Nutritive).Ditch the alcohol and sodas and diet sodas too if you drink any.White Tongue Coat A thin white tongue coating is normal.If it keeps being stuck out of the mouth as the patient speaks, or at other times, it suggests excess Yang, probably Heat affecting the Heart.Black Tongue Coat Similar to the Gray coating above, but more severe.Little raised red dots, looking like the seeds wysiwyg on the surface of strawberries, also suggest Heat.A rough tongue that appears wrinkled and rough indicates Excess. A thin white tongue coating can also indicate external Cold patterns when the appropriate clinical symptoms are present.