In order to place the foundations of a building, soil excavation has be done.
I was hoping to do this job tomorrow which is thursday so if anyone could offer some assistance it would be greatly appreciated.This movement can cause small vertical cracks, often not a problem.Soil subsidence, it all starts with the construction of the house.Sorry I have been away there are some threads here on fixing cracks in 2000 ford contour owners manual plasterboard if you use the search function be back here in a day or two when I catch up on work.Point the brick wall Put some water on the pointer and push it into the joint to flatten the mortar.In commercial construction, control joints are often formed by saw-cutting and this should take place within the first 4-6 hours after placement, or as soon as you can walk on the slab and saw-cut without dislodging any aggregate from the concrete.Concrete is great in compression, but weak in tension (about 8-10 of the compressive strength).The problem is that mortar related problems are prone to become bigger over time, which may lead to a serious structural damage.Use expansion joints in the brick walls Expansion joints will prevent the wall from cracking when exposed to temperature changes and moisture exposure.If you are dealing with a joint or crack that you believe is unstable either vertically or horizontally, and this is incompatible with your flooring (such as tile then an epoxy product that welds the two sides of the slab together may be the best.

Construction works in your area, if you live close to a construction site, this can affect the brick walls.Summary, if you have a slab that is at least 60-90 days older in a controlled environment, and you have no reason to think the joints/cracks are unstable, use an elastomeric sealant, or semi rigid epoxy or similar.As we mentioned, bricks tend to expand depending on the weather conditions and if the mortar is too hard it will crack again and can cause even further damage.The next time your wife is baking a cake or something just before she is done throw an extra half cup of water in the bowl and see what happens.As we mentioned above, brick wall cracks can be a cause of a serious problem, or cause one in the future.flooring type, and flooring material.I was wanting to know what the best way of trying to fix these cracks would.Types of cracks by direction, every brick wall is held together with mortar in between the bricks.I think the worst solution is a cementious-based patching compound that you spread on the surface.Building materials dont last forever.Reply With" 20th Feb 2012, 01:06 PM #5, as Black Cat says it may all be for nothing, but if your friend hasn't noticed the cracks openning and closing over the past year it may have been settling and is worth a try to fix.

When mixing the mortar, dont make it too hard.