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Dental clinic policy and procedures manual

The Bar Services Department reserve the clinic right to shut down an event if manual the dental function coordinator is absent or if alcohol is being managed and/or served improperly or if person(s) under 19 are found possessing or consuming alcohol.
Under no circumstances are notes, comments or correspondence to be policy added to a dental patients chart that are libelous, discriminatory, manual rude or demeaning.Refrain from advertising or using the Dalhousie University logo without the permission of the University or Faculty.Teaching, research or case presentation materials kept on a laptop or portable memory device that potentially can identify a patient should be carefully encrypted and files password protected.Relationship with Society Students should:.Any clinic problems/suggestions with this policy or its implementation should be directed.How to complete a Child Abuse Registry policy Check: Students must complete the Child Abuse Register Consent to Disclosure of Information Form B2 and send it to the Halifax Regional School Board. Accordingly, other guests must be assisted in evacuation by applicable faculty and staff.

See Craig or Peter in the Carleton Computer Centre for advice and jaguar assistance.Absolutely no patient care activities on patients, including friends or class mates, is permitted.Please call and arrange for another appointment when you are disease/infection free.Student and supervising faculty are to ensure that endo files, rubber dams and clamps are removed before the patient exits the clinic for fire or emergency reasons.A brief summary of important points:.Although you may ask the building attendant to open a classroom, lab or seminar room for your use to study, error it is preferable that you contact either Tammy Chouinard (Building Services, Room 1210) or Nancy Webb (Dean's office) explorer to arrange for use of the rooms.Fabrication OF orthodontic retainers.Understand and describe the medical and surgical care associated with caring for patients who have experienced major and minor oral and maxillofacial digimon trauma.know and follow the Student Code of Conduct (page 34) - behave in a professional manner when managing patients and interacting with staff, other students and faculty.Do not leave personal items (e.g.The purpose of this manual is to provide information about the Commission on Dental Accreditations accreditation policies and procedures for all institutions sponsoring dental, allied dental and advanced dental education programs.101 section four - specific manual clinic support units 103.Copies of patient records are only made with knowledge story and approval of the Assistant hindi Dean Clinics.The Assistant Dean, Clinicsreviews each of these requests as he is made aware of them.Offending equipment may be removed from the clinic by the Assistant Dean, Clinics or his designate. Maintain a system of operation that can accommodate changes in the educational programs.
Security Services should not be used as the primary protection source of information in the event of a potential curtailment of operations.

Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in the lounge unless arrangements for a Special Occasion License are made through the Bar Services Department, in accordance with the legal requirements of the Liquor Control Act.
You must not attach written letters, treatment plans, health records, radiographs or any related patient information to e-mail communications.
Mclean continuing education dental clinic policy and procedures manual centre (494) 6336 student affairs - counseling, advice; has answering machine.