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Drayton tempus three manual

Button to tempus advance through the week (1 5).When the display is as drayton shown here, press the.
The slider switch must be in the RUN position before the cover will close.
Home, brands, drayton three Manuals, switch, drayton Tempus 1 User Instructions 2 pages manual for Drayton Tempus 1 Switch.E time will now ash.Tempus 1 is double heating engineer.3) Programme Sequence The Digistat will not allow you drayton to program the switched periods out of sequence but will hold the times together as stated above.No.6 woodscrews or on three a ush mounting single conduit box type UA1 (BS4662) using.5 x 14 mm screws. DO NOT use a wallplate and drayton tighten the surface mounting box.
Select 5/2 day or 24HR mode.
It allows you to set 2 Timers (I'll call three them timer 1 and timer 2) so that you can tempus control Hot Water or Heating On/Off times twice a day.

Tempus 1 electronic timeswitch, user instructions, drayton tempus 1 has volt-free switching so manual a link from manual crack L to 1 is required for 230V output.All Drayton Tempus 1 Manuals are presented in repair cheat the latest and current versions to date, approved or submitted by official manufacturer of device.Old Drayton Tempus Three Manual eBooks Old Drayton Tempus Three Manual is available on PDF, peavey ePUB and DOC format.First press clock peavey and re-set correct time.Here's a link to this great service.Installation instructions, mAKE sure mains input HAS, a 3 AMP fuse fitted. 25 mm above and 150mm below.

Battery replacement 30 days before the drayton tempus three manual batteries need re-placing, a battery symbol will ash in the right hand side of the display (Diagram C).
The battery compartment can now be left open, to replace the batteries, for approximately one hour.
Have been set, the display will show as is means do you want to set the times for Monday (1) differently from the rest of the week?