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As ruler the player is presented with numerous choices whether to keep the promises made to those who aided in the revolution, at great expense to the treasury, or betray those promises in order to raise money for the defence of Albion through industrialisation and.

From Dei gesta per Francos (2001) Barton, Simon, From Tyrants to Soldiers of Christ: the nobility of twelfth-century Leon-Castile and the struggle against Islam from Nottingham Medieval Studies.44 (2000) Barton, Simon, A Forgotten Crusade: Alfonso VII of Leon-Castile and the Campaign for Jaen (1148).
But if he chooses to go down and get involved, that's the freedom we give you as a king.
Allen Brown (1989) Gillmor, Carroll, Charles the Bald and the small free farmers, from Military aspects of Scandinavian society in a European perspective, AD 1-1300 Gillmor, Carroll, Practical Chivalry: The Training of Horses for Tournaments and Warfare from Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History.13.