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Flight attendant initial training manual

Training days are very long (up to manual 12 hours attendant so don't expect to have much free time during training.
4, you are likely to study more effectively if you don't try to slog through 4 straight hours of reviewing notes.There are no specific qualifications needed other than a high school diploma or equivalent GED.A training module includes an outline, appropriate courseware, and instructional delivery methods.You may find it helpful to do this with a fellow trainee.Go to bed early enough to wake manual up manual a few hours before training begins.United continental holding, INC THE parent company OF united subsidiary continental (S-CO) refers attendant to former continental airlines flight subsidiary united (S-UA) refers TO former united airlines inflight services THE name OF THE flight attendant department AT united chelsea food services unite'S IN house caterng company.Flying together Is the intranet site fo all United coworkers.CAP 001B issued date: initial page - 21 29 initial-part ONE aviation indoctraination theory OF flight.4B.9 Define what is meant by weight and balance (center of gravity its effect on aircraft controllability and factors, which affect weight, and balance.Define what is meant by hypoxia, the hazards associated with it, signs and symptoms, ways to detect it and minimize its effects.United first United's premium initial cabin for customers traveling within the.S including Hawaii and Alaska. Inbound, customers OR aircraft flying inttation.

C) Re-qualification Training - is designed to ensure that the trainee, who is returning to work following an absence during which qualifications lapsed, receives sufficient instruction to enable qualifications to be regained by successful completion of annual training.Describe how a piston engine, turbine engine and a jet engine function (as applicable to the carrier's operation).CAP manual 001B issued date: page - 20 28 initial-part ONE aviation indoctraination theory OF flight training objective: scope: The trainee will be able to identify and describe the basic components of the theory of flight relating to the aircraft environment they initial will be operating.General.2A general.2A.1 Describe the responsibility of crewmembers to maintain knowledge cars of all safety and emergency procedures relating to their duties.Training or checking completed during the eligibility period, is considered to be completed during the training/checking month.For example, an abbreviated curriculum for initial valid new-hire training may be used in merger or air carrier acquisition situations.(5) Part E growth is an example of a specific training module.During Initial Training, knowledge may be verified on an on-going basis by means of tests, oral quizzes, instructor questioning, as well as the formal examinations.Clearly cars outline the organizational links between pilots (Flight Operations) and flight attendants. Skymall magazine A shopping magazine avalible on all flights and customers may remove it from aircraft.
Describe how aircraft are controlled printer on the ground and in the air with specific reference to the operator's operation.

Hangar, a building where aircraft ARE serviced, holdng.
Some airlines pay their trainees, but this is uncommon.
Technical flight attendant initial training manual Directives /Standards, Air Carrier Advisory Circulars, Policy Letters) and compliance requirements.