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Games pc naruto vs bleach

Added Ichimaru Gin from Bleach as summon character.
Play Game, home, bleach cartoon Games, bleach Vs Naruto.3, the battle royale between Bleach Vs Naruto with more characters.K jump, l sprint U Far attack I Special must have enough mana O Summon Assistance Combos: S J, S U, S I, W games U, W I, W J Quiet step: S L, W L Player 2 move games Defense 1 Attack 2 Jump 3 sprint 4 Far.Add to favorites, pLAY game.Version.3, report a problemShow controls, player 1 ad Move s Block j Attack k Jump l Dodge u bleach Attack i Ultra o games Support / Counter.Fixed some bugs and more balance.Bleach vs Naruto.3, version.3, version.4.There naruto are also 8 summon assistants: Kon, Inoue Orihime, Shihouinyoruichi, Ishida Uryu, Gaara, Yamanaka Ino, Temari, and Uchiha Itachi.3.1 change log, added Inoue Orihime Character, added Kurosaki Ishiguro White (Zangetsu (Zanpakut spirit).Added Byakuya Kuchiki as a playable character.It'll increase speed, power and skills of naruto your character.Choose a sidekick to help you reign victorious! J: Select, default button: Player 1, a/D Move, s Defense, j attack.
Will you represent one of the hidden villages?

You can move from left to right ( A D block enemy attacks (S jump ( K dash ( L attack your opponents with basic attacks ( J powerful special attacks ( U I ) or with help of your assistant ( O ).Are you in team bleach or team naruto?Bleach vs Naruto.0 is motorcycle one of our selected Naruto Games.Using games a block and attack ( S J ) at the same time will activate one of the character's special abilities.Added Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto from Bleach as summon character.Confirm your selection by pressing J or use K to return to the previous view.Improved performance on High-Quality Mode.0 change log, added 4 new maps.A new menu interface, aI is more intelligent.Player 2 chooses the character using and confirms by pressing.Instruction: Click on the flash game to make sure its selected.Games in this series.You can unleash special skills in villages, open fields, and ancient battlegrounds.Improved performance on Medium Quality Mode.Player bleach 2 Move Block 1 Attack strike 2 Jump 3 Dodge 4 Attack 5 Ultra 6 Support / Counter.W key isn't used to move, but it can be combined with the attack keys to perform air attacks or blasts directed upwards. To start the game, click on the title screen, then use the keys ( W S to up and down, A D to left and right ) to navigate the menu.
Added Masked Obito Uchiha true from Naruto as summon character.
Added Shikamaru Nara from Naruto as summon character.

You are the one who will decide on the course of this games pc naruto vs bleach fight.
This fighting game lets you brawl in more than a dozen arenas.
Added Suì-Fng from bleach as a playable character.