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Geek uninstaller pro 3.3 2 crack

geek uninstaller pro 3.3 2 crack

Finnish translation geek Stability improvements, minor fixes New SHA2 digital signature 6 December 2015 - Improved stability, fixed couple of bugs and crashes 1 November 2015 - Translations update Improved Windows 10 support.
Translations update Translations update Updated Italian translation crack Added more interface languages.Fixed minor bugs Added crash reporting feature Expand/collapse feature.Fixed displaying of apps updates (sub-items).Improved stability, fixed occupied size calculation for certain programs, uninstaller fixed crash on old CPUs without SSE2.Fixed incorrect detection of apps as recent on Windows. Fixed occupied space calculation for some crack apps Fixed certain AV false positives Minor Windows 10 improvements 6 December 2018 - Fixed icons detection of some Windows Store Apps Fixed hanging of the app on some machines (caused crack by the new compiler) Minor Windows XP fixes.
Translations update Stability improvements Translations update Check for new version fix Crash fixes, uninstaller stability improvements Option to choose initial geek sorting when starting the app (see View menu).

When running on x64 Windows Geek Uninstaller is running as native 64-bit application.Small fixes and improvements 20 September 2012 - Fixed feet problem with not displaying of some apps.Dutch translation improved 8 December fine 2013 - Stability improvements.32 64-bit Windows Requires administrator permissions.Geek64.exe user is extracted to the same directory (on 64-bit Windows) 1 ethernet December 2016 - Remember sort criteria between app launches.Improved detection of install date, better RTL (Hebrew Arabic languages) support Fixed detection of app install location and date for some cases, crack improved stability.Whats new: manual - fixed hourglass cursor after starting the app.9 November 2016 - Improved waiting for uninstall process (es).Minor improvements Minor interface improvements Fixed saving of program settings (e.g.Fixed crash in some cases Fixed wrong new version notification Fixed rare crash when scanning for leftover registry items.Languages update 2 November 2014 - Fixed rare crash when deselecting all items in the list Increased speed.Language) New about dialog, minor scanning improvements fixed small issues in removing traces, program list drawing fix initial version. Chinese translation update Fixed search filter ethernet for RTL languages (Hebrew Arabic) Fixed incorrect names for some Windows Store Apps.

Translations update Fixed opening registry entry of an item Main icon 256x256, minor improvements and fixes, translations geek uninstaller pro 3.3 2 crack update Small fixes, translations update Fixed metro apps icons, fixed detection of installed location of an app translations update fixed hourglass cursor after starting the app Small fix.
The app now comes again in a single.exe file Brazilian Portuguese translation update, small improvements 4 December 2016 - Fixed pinning of the app to Windows 7 taskbar.