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Grand theft auto vice city cheat code for money

grand theft auto vice city cheat code for money

That way, you know you can always return to the same spot grand and start playing regularly money again.
PC cheats for GTA Vice City are entered by simply typing in the below codes as they appear.
Aspirine Restore health, preciousprotection Gain/restore armor, icanttakeitanymore Kill self.
Cheat xbox cheat code Weapon Set 1 R, cheat grand Black, L, Black, Weapon Set 2 R, Black, L, Black, Weapon Set 3 R, Black, L, Black, Full Health R, Black, L, B, Full Armor R, Black, L, A, Increase Wanted Level by 2 R, R,.Reduced city Felony edit If you want to kill cops without receiving a load of wanted stars, use the main blade of a helicopter and angle it so that the blade hits them.Booooooring, quick Clock, lifeispassingmeby, spawn Tank, panzer Spawn auto Bloodring Banger travelinstyle Spawn theft Alt Bloodring Banger gettherequickly Spawn Sabre Turbo gettherefast Spawn Hotring Racer getthereveryfastindeed Spawn Alt Hotring Racer getthereamazinglyfast Spawn Hearse thelastride Spawn Limo rockandrollcar Spawn Trashmaster rubbishcar Spawn Caddie betterthanwalking Flying Boats airship Nearby.Eventually, she'll get into the car.GTA Vice City PS2 and PS3 Cheat Codes: Mobile users, scroll right to view full table. It's not much, but it's easy cash.
Enter Golf Course Without Losing Your Weapons edit Here is a way to enter the golf course without having your weapons get confiscated.

Certaindeath Tommy smokes a edge cigarette, deepfriedmarsbars Player model changed to auto fat.For example, if you buy the Print Works for 70,000, you can get converter 8,000 dollars a day to make buying the other companies easier.Seaways Cars hover over water, wheelsareallineed Only car wheels visible, loadsoflittlethings Some cars have big wheels.Using cheats is also incredibly easy, and we'll show you exactly how to in this guide.Here's a list: grand 1-866-pillage 1-866-9-bury ME 1-866-9-save ME 1-866-9-shadee self Rob the Bank edit After you've completed the Malibu mission crash " The Job you can rob El Banco Corrupto Grande money for some easy money.At this point, drive to a quiet spot and let the magic happen.There's another buiding close by, but on city an angle with the window closest to the edge of the heliport. This is another reason to save your game first!
We've cross-referenced them from a few sources to triple-check, but do just take those with a slight pinch of salt.

Programmer Player model grand theft auto vice city cheat code for money changed to skinny.
Also fire-proof, explosion-proof, and collision-proof.
Shoot the Moon edit The moon changes size when shot at with the Sniper Rifle, just like in GTA.