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Honeywell galaxy cp038 user manual

Pressing the galaxy A key will manual jump forwards by one event.
5 10 Setting with Faults Normally, if there honeywell is a fault of any kind on the system, setting will not be permitted manual until the fault is rectified.The system cannot be set if there has previously been an alarm which has not been reset.4 All Prints options 1, 2 and.Each user can be assigned a PIN code, user a Wireless keyfob and/or a prox tag.If a user cannot restore all the conditions, a temporary banner is displayed to honeywell indicate that a manager or engineer is required to restore the system.However, depending on the set-up of your system and the level of your user access, user it may be possible override a fault and proceed with the setting procedure. The status can be changed for each group by pressing the appropriate number button and the display will cycle through the possible options.
Menu 44 - Mobile Numbers This option allows the SMS text messaging feature to be altered.
The Panic function can be extended to include keyfobs.

Always remember to Full Set, Part Set quake or Night Set the system when applicable.The prox readers are usually built in to the case of a keypad and are identified by the prox symbol as shown: galaxy.0 08:58 TUE 22 NO ent * 0 # esc Setting/Unsetting Mk7 keyprox with a prox card 3 8 Wireless Keyfobs.Additional information about each event can be shown, where available, by pressing the # key.When you game submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action.When all zones have dota been selected for test as required, press the ent key to start the test, or the esc key to abort.You installer will inform you which users have this ability.The keypad will show which zones are open.The tag will only Full Set.To omit a particular zone, scroll to the zone so that it is displayed on scr.On entering menu 42, there is a sub-menu, 1Users.Note: If groups are enabled, the group will be shown.Copyright Honeywell Security IU1-0032 Rev.Honeywell/Ademco Microtech Galaxy 60 inc Rio RKP.00, buy it now.79 P P, honeywell Galaxy 60 Used Control horas unit with PCB RIO RKP Having a clear out and found galaxy this, has been unused and has been tucked away for a few years.Press the # key and the message in the bottom left corner will change to Omitted. This will depend on their user type that is set up in menu Setting 20 Display 30 Test 40 Modify 11 Omit Zones 21 Zone Status 31 offline Walk Test 41 Time/Date 12 game Timed Set 22 View Log 32 Output Test 42 Users 13 Part Set.
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