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Hydraulan 404 marca basf msds .pdf checked

hydraulan 404 marca basf msds .pdf  checked

During braking the heat of friction can heat the brake cylinders and the brake fluid to msds temperatures in excess of 150.
Despite this high thermal loading the brake fluid must remain chemically and thermally stable.Hydraulan contains highly effective additives which reliably protect the various metals in the braking system (e.g., steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass and copper) against both oxidation and corrosion.If the boiling point of the brake fluid is exceeded vapor bubbles form in the brake fluid, which, unlike liquids are compressible.Boiling Point, the absorption of water into the brake system from the environment can never be msds totally prevented.Viscosity, braking takes place in fractions of a second.Hydraulan brake fluids have marca an extremely low marca viscosity, particularly at low temperatures and therefore give optimal brake responsiveness.The hydraulic force generated through basf the actuation of the brake pedal needs to be transmitted to the wheel brakes instantly.Elastomer Compatibility, elastomer cups are used to seal the brake cylinders against loss of fluid in the gap between msds the piston and the cylinder.On average, the brake fluid in a vehicle absorbs up to 1,5 water per annum.Lubrication to prevent both friction and abrasion in the brakes system maintains responsiveness, reduces wear and prevents heat build-up msds in the brake system. Corrosion Protection, corrosion within msds the brakes system, leads directly to slower responsiveness, can cause blockages in the system or in the worst case lead to the integrity of the sealed brake system being broken.
As the water content of the brake fluid increases the boiling point of the brake fluid decreases.
Hydraulan has been specially formulated to allow for slight swelling of the elastomer cups to ensure a reliable seal and to prevent the loss of fluid.

By simulating braking under extreme conditions and petrol by endurance testing of braking systems hydraulan has proved its excellent lubricating performance.Lower viscosity fluids transfer the force more readily than higher viscosity fluids and therefore it is essential that the brake fluid does not become too viscous at lower temperatures.Because of their high boiling points and chemical properties hydraulan brake fluids prevent the formation of bubbles and this potential failure pump of the brake system.The use of high-quality glycol ester components and special inhibitors in manual hydraulan ensures maximum optimization of chemical and thermal stabilities.When this happens a failure known as vapor lock occurs and the force applied software to the pedal is not transmitted to the brake cylinders.High Temperature Thermal Stability, under extreme operating conditions the brake fluid can reach temperatures in excess windows of 150.1907/2006 as amended from time to time.Basf, safety data sheet according to Regulation (EC).1907/2006.The product has not been tested.The statement has been. " Treatise Helps Users Interpret and Apply MIL-STD-810 time A Test Method Standard" (PDF).
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