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Inac land management manual

inac land management manual

5.1.2 If the Reserve Creation Proposal adds to an existing Reserve, the Band Council Resolution should set out the name and number of the existing Reserve.
7.4 Disagreements may be resolved through a number of non-binding dispute resolution processes, such as: Conciliation: The parties may try to work out the issues by themselves such as at a joint meeting between the Local Government and First Nation councils.
Directive 10 1: Annex B - Special Circumstances Policy Requirements.0 Accretion/Erosion.1 In this clause, "Accretion" means management the imperceptible manual and gradual addition to land by the slow action of water; and "Erosion" means the imperceptible and gradual loss of land by the slow action.Current property ownership status: _ federal _ provincial _ private.Following receipt of the Reserve Creation Proposal and prior to issuing the Letter of Support, due diligence will be undertaken by Justice Canada to identify all encumbrances or charges and other title issues and to report on title to inac.The, constitution inac Act of 1867 gives Parliament authority over Indians and lands manual reserved for the Indians.5.0 Requirements and Responsibilities.1 Phase 1 - Initiation.1.1 The Reserve Creation Process begins when the First Nation submits a Band Council Resolution and the Reserve Creation Proposal to the inac Region seeking Reserve Creation.The Tulo land Centre of Indigenous Economics also offers university accredited courses related to implementing First Nation tax powers, negotiating service agreements, developing economic strategies and plans for First Nation lands and communications with Local Governments and stakeholders.Take a look at the following document to familiarize yourself with all you need to know about the land regimes. 2.4, in this Policy, the term Reserve Creation is used manual to refer management to both Additions to Reserve and the creation of New Reserves.

9.3 Tribunal Decisions Where a maker First Nation seeks to acquire lands with compensation awarded by the Specific Claims Tribunal for: a failure to fulfill a legal obligation of the Crown to provide lands under a treaty or another Agreement; a breach of a legal obligation.Governor in Council) to authorize First Nations to: manage First Nation lands manage allotments under section 20(1) approve transfers under section 24, approve permits under section 28(2) and 58(4) approve transactions affecting designated lands under section 53(1 b) approve leases under sections 58(1 b 58(1._yes _no provide sufficient detail to identify location of premises to be studio added.See clause.0 (Context).3.5 game Regardless of which Policy is used, inac Regional officials will continue to partner and work with the First Nation to ensure Proposals proceed in a timely manner.Further discussion of issues raised review by the province or territory should not unreasonably delay the Reserve Creation.5.2.8 inac will provide a written explanation for any Reserve Creation Proposal that will not be supported.5.3.5 inac Region will verify that the Reserve Creation Proposal is complete, confirm the number and name of the proposed Reserve, and notify the First Nation that the Reserve Creation Proposal will be submitted to the Minister.Of those, 17 are part of a comprehensive land claim agreement (modern treaty).If the Environmental Site Assessment identifies some contamination, but determines that the environmental condition of the Proposed Reserve Land meets the Applicable Environmental Standard for its intended use following Reserve Creation, inac may consider recommending Reserve Creation provided that: in the case of industrial.6.4 Where a First Nation has determined that it is unable to physically service the Proposed Reserve Land, the First Nation may seek to purchase services from a neighbouring Local Government rather than supply the necessary services to the Reserve on its own.Where appropriate, inac encourages the use of non-binding dispute resolution processes, such as: Conciliation: The parties may try to work out the issues by themselves such as at a joint meeting between the First Nation council and the other party.A First Nation may choose to establish a higher threshold for community consent for the conduct of these votes.3.0 stokstad Improvements to Proposed Reserve Land Any review improvements review made by the First Nation to the Proposed Reserve Land before Reserve Creation must be in compliance history with applicable federal legislative requirements that will apply once the Reserve is created.Within fnlm, accountability to the Minister arises only under contract and not under the Indian Act. The co-management or other agreement should be amended to include identification of the Proposed Reserve Land.
They prefer to allow the use of lands to particular families or individuals through a custom or traditional holding, sometimes referred to as "informal holdings." Some First Nations use a combination of Indian Act and custom or traditional systems.
These systems must be supported by policy and procedure manuals and computer systems.

Indian Act, in place since 1876, was passed by Parliament under this authority and inac land management manual sets out the land management responsibilities of the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development for much of the reserve lands in Canada.
Band council resolution attached as "annex a"?