"I never wanted a motorbike.
It gave me a new identity and direction.
They are NOT legal at all for the road.All he wats is your money and he is giving you a high priced suicide death trap.Since we live in an area where driving is a necessity, we have to pay attention to our driving habits and our vehicles.Building a bike with my kids is just plain bad ass and fun!I got my bike licence and bought a kit in 2010, I built it, rode it, fixed it, rode it and ride.Stay away from these death traps.Here in the UK no-one really does this.I didn't like, and still don't like Motorbikes.Today Kelly Kikkert announced that he now has an even more illegal pretend motorcycle that can fit a 250cc engine in it if you pay 1200 more dollars plus the bike price of 2500 that has been stretched out so its even more weak framed.Related: A warning TO ALL kikker 5150 dealers.They may all start out the same but everyone makes it their own.
We have a variety of vehicles to choose from.

But I saw a 200 HK1 on the web and needed one.Just an FYI to anyone considering buying a Kikker 5150 Hardknock bobber toy pretent motorcycle.For me it was a vehicle to redemption and sobriety that improved my self esteem and helped me make many new friends who ignited my creative passion again.Yet he still does not have EPA certification no DOT parts approved on the mini bike and no Federal singer ultralock 14u64a 'user manual' Emission and safety standards.Scooters are street legal and fun to ride but most importantly they are practical.We are a full service scooter and Trike dealership, selling Baccio, Keeway, Fly Scooters, CPI Scooters, Lance and Zongshen, Linhai, Argo, Benelli, Hyosung, Schwinn, CF moto, Yamati, Kikker, CPI, Bajaj, scooters.Our scooters and Trikes are DOT and EPA approved.A Hardknock isn't a motorbike, its a way of life." -Mann "This kit has always fulfilled a need for people far beyond inexpensive transportation.
Gas prices will soon hit an all-time average high for regular and unleaded fuel.
So many people talk about it and respect it, and I have immense pride riding something I built and fix myself.