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Manual camara olympus c-4000

manual camara olympus c-4000

True to its lineage, the C-4000 offers uncompressed tiff output and is able to store one tiff on the included 16MB SmartMedia card.
It appeared to have all the features I needed and the level of control my Pentax has.Read on for all the details!On the other hand, you have a wide range of battery-type choices when it olympus comes to powering the camera.Click here for a print-optimized page.Unless you carry a computer with you everywhere you'll find the 16MB card to be a hindrance.Though it can operate as a fully automatic camara camera with six preset scene modes and a video-capture option, the C-4000 offers features designed to appeal to more sophisticated photographers," width"300" height"225" manual alt" / The manual internal flash throws fairly even light within olympus its working range.The camera's digital zoom provides another.3X boost, yielding a combined 10X zoom.Auto Bracketing, Sequence Shooting, Panoramic, and "2 in 1" capture" width"200" height"150" alt" / Input/output ports, transferring images between the camera and PC is very fast with the supplied USB cable and Olympus's driver-free Auto-Connect system.It registers shadow detail very well-no muddy shadows here.More advanced users will also appreciate its automatic exposure bracketing, its two-stop flash compensation, and a histogram that shows the distribution of pixels across the range of brightness in preview or playback mode.One thing lacking on the C-4000 and on other Camedia models is an autofocus illuminator. Because manual setting up a complex configuration can sometimes take more than a minute, these can help you capture a fleeting shot you might otherwise miss.
sc/f" width"200" height"150" alt" / You traverse manual the extensive menu system via a four-way arrow pad on the rear of the body.

sc/g" width"300" height"225" alt" / The C-4000's white-balance presets work well in subtitle daylight but are less consistent under fluorescent and camara incandescent (shown here) lighting.Easy to use in either automatic or bike semiautomatic modes, the camera features some nice touches that make operation quick and efficient, such as manual the ability to save up to four custom setting groups and two menu shortcuts.I'm accommodating this request with special copies of each review, formatted to allow the text flow to be dictated by the browser window.A nice, small camera, it easily fit into cargo pockets and was easy to use; however, the picture quality was well below what I had come to" width"200" height"150" nursery alt" / Included accessories, if you're really detail oriented, you'll like the ability to save up to four sets of customized parameters that include settings such as exposure mode, image resolution, flash settings, ISO rating, and white balance.I found that it goes through 1700mA rechargeables after about 50-70 manual pictures during heavy use.A quick start guide, safety guide, and CD directions are all multi lingual.So we appreciate its ability to fine-tune flash output, as it occasionally overwhelms pages highlights in close-ups.It provides aperture- and shutter-priority modes as well as manual operation.Shutter Lag Cycle Time Tests8.The camera also produces a bit of the purple fringing indicative of chromatic aberration, which usually turns up in shots of dark objects against very bright backgrounds camara and afflicts virtually every consumer-grade digital camera to some degree.Its f/2.8, 3X zoom lens and 4-megapixel CCD work together to give you crisp prints up to" width"200" height"150" alt" / Four AA or two CR-V3 batteries, which slip into a bottom-accessible compartment, power the C-4000. I'd consider myself an above average photographer, but not quite a professional.