It has been reformatted to allow larger text, and is now.5" wide.25" high.
136/1 - Karabiner 98k - Zf 41 - Carbine 98k - Zf (Telescopic Sight).
Contains 56 sets of text/pictures and is 4-1/4"High x 6-3/4"Wide.254 - Pistole 38 - An original Wehrmacht manual issued for the P-38. 12 pages, 4 illustrations, soft serial key for gta punjab cover. The military P-38 manual (above) is more detailed with its text description, but this manual has more diagrams. This manual is the only one I've seen for the late war Volksgewehr.Original Cover Cover Contents Page 10 Fold Out 4 Volksgewehr 1 Rifle Operator's Manual - WW2 Military Issue Volksgewehr 1 - The People's Rifle - for the.G.1 late war rifle.Please reference "Denckler Small Caliber Shooting" on your order. What is unique about this manual is the information about the 32 round Drum "Snail" Magazine.This 1936 Luger/Stick Grenade manual is filled with complete disassembly and assembly illustrations for the Luger, and full usage instructions for the Stick Grenade. See the contents page for full details.Karabiner 43 (K 43) mit Gewehr-Zielfernrohr 4-fach, karabiner 43 (K 43) with 4 Power Telescopic Sight.
This manual details the proper use of the tobacco can cleaning kit and how to clean and care for the rifle bore.

257 - Schußwaffen 98 - Firearm 98 - This manual was originally published in 1935, but had 15 revisions along the way which updated it to January of 1944.This manual is also available in the original German for the same price. 16 pages with disassembly, assembly, and how the gun works. This 1974 dated East German repair manual for the 9x18 Makarov pistol shows how to replace the barrel, how to correct problems with the trigger system, safety, and magazine, and also has an in depth section on troubleshooting and how to fix the problems. It was originally a very small.25" wide by 3" high, with very small text.30 K 98k Operator's Manual - WW2 Era Military Issue.Dv.This 120 page East German manual explains the repair on the SKS semi-auto rifle in great detail.Contents, pages 38-39, sKS Repair Manual - East German. This very well illustrated manual contains 80 pages of exceptional detail on cleaning (such as how to clean the gas piston and use of the buttstock cleaning kit complete disassembly, sight adjustment, and trouble shooting.
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The first half is for the K98k service rifle and covers the usual topics, while the second half is about the P08 Luger.