SR5006, which at 8ohms is almost the same 100/105wpc.
The size of the soundstage is just wider, higher, and deeper.Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by Bob2468 from Great pairing and sound with Tekton Design speaker Needed to upgrade.Spinners enter and leave the scene by the sides of my lounge with utterly combing imaging.Movies were punchy, detailed and satisfying.Was it the fault of the paired Yamaha speakers in the showroom?Auto setup and calibration were spot on, needing only.5db boost on the centre.Next I auditioned in another dealer the.Unfortunately the double discount to 639 has taken the gloss off things somewhat but guess that I will have to live with.TL;DR; a fantastic receiver in its own right, and a fantastic upgrade for my old 3312.Everything sounds alive, seemingly independent of my actual speaker positions.Imaging with atmos is an improvement over basic TrueHD boss dr-5 user manual and thats not just about the height effect.Marantz, sR5006 to a 4K capable AVR and after studying my options that will suit my medium sized listening / home theatre and Tekton Design speakers, I narrowed down my auditions to Yamaha A880, Marantz, sR5013, and the Denon X3500H.Marantz which was paired with KEF Q950s and that was a powerful tandem.I thought this was what I wanted.
Denon is unmatched in these and the 3500 is a great price/performance sweet spot.

Yamaha was too treble heavy and movie the spectator magazine pdf effects were unpleasant at the top end.Despite only having two side surround, phantom back surrounds seems to appear.But couldn't stay long in that setup.Rated 5 out of 5 by EasyE from Another Great Denon I have owned several receivers different brands of receivers before or in between my three Denons, but I have always come back to Denon for the reasons I love the 3500excellent build quality, versatility.Luckily the same dealer has Denon, and the salesman swapped in the X3500H next.The whole family is pleased with Daddy's new gear.After taking it home and hooking it up with my Tekton Design speakers, and running the Audyssey setup for.1, I was truly impressed with the pairing and the sound quality, the improvement being around 4 to 5 notches above my previous.Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by CS Goblin from Great upgrade from Denon 3312 Upgraded from a Denon 3312 in part preparation for a move to 4K, in part to make use of existing Atmos soundtracks on BluRay and iTunes purchases.Using in conjunction with M K K series speakers with add on Atmos upfiring modules, the sound is weighty yet warm and utterly room filling.Same demo movie tracks but everything was more alive, crisp, and a touch of warmth at the top end that made me decide to go with the Denon.Equally good.1 music in surround, chiefly.1 BluRays from Pink Floyd, with the X3500 sounding musical and adept.Handles Atmos beautifully, upmixes stereo material well and is at home with cinematic destruction as it is with 70s prog rock.

Date published:, rated 4 out of 5 by mike171050 from Great Receiver I bought the Denon ARX3500 receiver a couple of months ago for 899 when it first came out and have been delighted with all aspects of its performance in comparison with.
Bass punch is improved and the overall watching experience is just more "At the Cinema" specially with 4K UHD movies.