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You can find instructions here.The number of dots along each side of the square must be equal to the number in the middle Nine Nine Nine Use the digits 1 to 9 to make three 3 digit numbers which add up to 999.One Minute Maths A challenge to mentally add numbers together without making the classic place value mistakes.Pancake Day, toss the pancakes until they are neatly stacked in order of size.Suko Sujiko, interactive number-based logic puzzles similar to those featuring in daily newspapers.Go Figure, arrange the digits one to nine to make the four calculations correct.Yes No Questions A game to determine the mathematical item by asking questions that can only be answered yes.Telling The Time Practise reading a clock face and making simple time calculations.Snake Sort Sort the coloured snakes in a logical order.If you do not yet have an account and you are a teacher or parent you can apply for one here.Code Cracker Crack the code by replacing the encrypted letters in the given text.Arrange the given digits to make three numbers such that two of them add up to the third.Squorder The Transum version of the traditional sliding tile puzzle.Click start to get the game going, then click the start button in the middle.How fast can you do it?Number Crunch Saga A lively numeracy game requiring you to align three numbers to create the given target sum or product.

Complete twenty mixed times tables questions to earn a trophy.A Transum subscription also gives you access to the 'Class Admin' student management system and opens up ad-free access to the Transum website for you and your pupils.Car Park Puzzle Can you get your car out of the very crowded car park by moving other cars forwards or backwards?In addition to the activities on this website Transum has some favourite iPad apps.Area Two How many different shapes with an area of 2 square units can you make by joining dots on this grid with straight lines?Thrice Can you arrange all of the counters on the grid to form 10 lines of three counters?Advertise on Transum, click the image above to read more crack de game speed changer about how your company can place an advert on Transum.Frequency Trees, use a frequency tree to show two or more events and the number of times they occurred.Scallywags and Scoundrels Arrange the scallywags and scoundrels on the chairs so that the numbers of any two sitting next to each other add up to a prime number.Divisive, arrange the digits one to nine on the spaces provided to make two division calculations containing multiples of three.A fewest-moves, counter-swapping challenge invented in northern Thailand.
Number Jigsaws Online, interactive jigsaw puzzles of grids of numbers.
Adapts automatically, so kids learn quickly.