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Max msp patch stepper motor

What I want to do eventually is have my sensors on arduino play instruments in patch stepper Ableton Live (be able to use them to play notes or map to effect/synth parameters etc).
How patch to Set Up Arduino with Max/MSP ".
It seems that there isn't.mxo file for the stepper stepper control within the os stepper x- max/msp download package, motor only the 'PhidgetStepper.
Regardless, I just had this same serial port question and found the answer here: /blog/arduino-to-max-msp the patch in the link above will bring motor in the same data that you can see in the Arduino Serial Monitor.I motor just did the tutorial ".Temperature int /Delimiter, important!Surely this.mxo file is the external patcher object, and is essential. Could you please provide some basic instruction on next steps or point me towards another tutorial if you know of one?

Width Delay - A width controllable delay.Are you sure that motor you want to use digitalRead rather than analogRead?If anyone has a chance to look at this Max4Live device and could give any advice on how to 'connect' it to play a live instrument, it would be greatly appreciated.Im new to Arduino and Max but Ive used the crack tutorial to get digital inputs into max working great start as I failed with several other tutorials!Feel free to use and edit this stuff in any way you see fit.VHumidity digitalRead(midity midity delay(1000 Within max, real you can parse the two values (which are now seperated by a space) message using the unpack object.Now Im professional stuck what to do patch next in Max.I am not familiar with the sensors windows that you're using, but it seems likely that they would require analogRead.Thanks again, belleza AndyJ, well I got my hands on the maxuino.009 which has a Max4Live patch which should, in theory, make windows it easy for someone like me to use the arduino in Ableton Live.However, being new to Live and M4L I cant work out how to use the M4L device to do anything musical.It's the only phidget module thats missing this file. I used some.