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Metal gear solid game guide

Acquire the solid PSG-1 Your first row of business is taking a trip game way back to the Armory (B2 from the Tank Hangar's guide elevator).
Now wait until White Mamba has his back turned to you, then shoot him in the head with your tranquilizer gun.
Just ride to your main objective in a straight line, stay away from enemy outposts.
Mission 33: Subsistence C2W Very simple if you have destroyed the enemy anti-air radar in a previous playthrough of this gear mission.Crawl if the enemy chopper has its search light on you.For PS3, press the PS button, select "Controller Settings and then "Reassign the Controller." Pick any other port and return to the game!Try to drive fast and avoid the enemies and you should escape the base without any trouble.Rescuing this guide prisoner will be rewarded with obtaining the cassette Chico's Tape.Play this mission how you want, I only included it for the sake of completion, but theres no S-rank in it (and no points are awarded at the end).Mission 43: Shining Lights, Even in Death Missions 2, 22, 43 do not have any ranks.Also bring some explosives (C4, Grenade Launcher, Grenades).Other moments, he'll stop in a corner and reload.This metal option is very quick, but killing many soldiers will bring you lower score and you may not get the S rank.She'll regain consciousness from time to time, so keep those stars above her head!Head west, past the enemy outpost and follow the road until you reach an empty house.Head to the container in the jungle first and fulton extract. At the start of this video I select the new landing zone, thats where you can also find the enemy radar.
While it's unlikely you haven't played this great title gear before, I don't like giving away the ending to a movie for newcomers.
To unlock this mission you must: Complete all other story missions (except duplicates such as extreme, subsistence and total stealth variations) Do all important (yellow) side ops Build out mother base (build an FOB in online mode to speed things up) Getting the S-rank.

The mission ends when manual you get to user the helicopter.Luckily, Chaffs screw up their tracking, which allows you to move around and avoid 'em!If book you dont have it use the Killer Bee or FB MR Rocket Launcher.You should now have unlocked the Elite trophy, congratulations!Mission 8: Occupation Forces, dont attempt this S-rank on your first try!(50) The achievement is unlocked by rescuing Chico or Paz, but you have to do that anyway to complete the mission.Chico's Tape 4 user Cassette #4 The fourth cassette is a reward for rescuing the convict in the refugee camp.When you use up one weapons ammo you a supply halo drop will be triggered automnatically.This guide gives you all the tips and tricks to victor over foxhound's disciples in Snake's setup first tale for the PlayStation.Setting the prisoner media free is optional and possible only in this moment.Remember that the main target has to be killed, so if you don't have a lethal weapon, you need to use a knife after tranquilizing him.It always has the same location, just go where I go in the video.You can choose the order in which you eliminate the targets, but when doing it in the order described above, it is easier not to raise the alarm and to avoid soldiers searching for the agents.Somehow, Liquid and his army have successfully built another Metal Gear, and it's far more lethal than previous encounters. Remember to use supply drops!

You can take care of it using C4 or grenades.
Youll need it to shoot metal gear solid game guide down the helicopter at the end.