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Michelin tire sidewall crack

Thinking they might last on the truck since not as much weight and crack heat on them?
michelin Was thinking of taking the trailer tires and mounting them on the dually?Continental produces a lot of very low performing tires, such as the spec found as original equipment on many of our cars.Aspect ratio appears in sidewall the size designation in most cases where it is other than.9.50R16.5LT LRD.50 Section width in Inches R Radial Construction.5 Rim crack diameter in inches LT Light Truck Designation LRD Load Range.Just pick up the phone and give us a ring.31x10.50R15LT LRC 31 Tire Overall Diameter in Inches.50 Section width in Inches, r Radial Construction 15 Rim Diameter in Inches.Light truck tires have evolved along with the expanded applications of trucks and vans that have grown to be multi-purpose vehicles that we use for sidewall crack work, for recreation or as passenger vehicles.But first, let us see what could be the reason for those cracks and if you need to worry about them or not.Some of the sidewalls are cracking on them.Tire cracking over time is normal, and its a sign that your sidewall tires have done their job, and maybe now its time to replace them. R Radial Construction 14 Rim Diameter in Inches 88S Service Description (Load Index and Speed Rating).

The surface of the rubber becomes brittle, causing those tiny cracks.They have probably 80-90 tread left.Our team game of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help.LT Light Truck Designation, honda lRC Load Range.Light with Truck High Flotation, light game truck crack high flotation tires have evolved as lower aspect ratio tires became more popular crown on light trucks.My dually needs tires too.Light Truck Metric, this sizing system mirrors the P-Metric system for passenger tires. I have two sets on order, patch one going on my daughter's car tomorrow, and a backordered size for our E350, but there is little else I would consider buying from them.