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Motu digital performer manual

Punch Guard confidence recording, take the stress out of punch-ins.
Windows 7 support, award-winning design and features for Windows.
motu Digital Performers 64-bit support ensures that motu you can take full advantage of all motu the memory space in your computer for optimum performance from digital your motu desktop studio.Never again worry about accidentally cutting off the head or tail of that perfect record pass.Then polish your recording with Digital Performers extensive editing, mixing, processing and mastering tools.Operation is almost identical to manual the Mac version, making it easy to work on either platform.Digital Performer gives you dozens of artistically crafted user interface themes that completely transform the look of the app.Digital performer Performers new Punch Guard features always captures extra time before and after punch points, so you can simply manual uncover any additional material with a simple edge edit. Record, edit, mix, process and master polished recordings.
Artistically crafted UI designs to titillate your muse.
17 performer new plug-ins, from meticulously modeled guitar tones to world-class mastering plug-ins.

Todays plug-ins and virtual instruments are incredibly powerful, but they also require massive amounts of memory.Motu Digital Performer.0 DVD MAC / office OSX / intel.Multi-format plug-in management, organize, manage, and quickly search for plug-ins in multiple formats.Take full advantage of your 64-bit system.Goodbye Carbon, Hello autocad Cocoa.Import loops, launch virtual instruments and 3rd-party plug-ins: Digital Performer is vmware the consummate host.Cocoa is the future, and Digital Performer is there.Indulge your creativity, then season perfect your mix.100 Cocoa UI for Mac.Left brain, right brain.17 new effects plug-ins, from creative musical effects to precision mastering.Digital Performer 8 is designed equally for both, with games insiprational features devised to ignite your creative muse, combined update with state-of-the-art studio production technologies engineered for the most demanding, world-class recording and production environments. You get everything from modeled analog EQ to stunningly realistic convolution reverb.
From meticulously modeled guitar tones to world-class mastering processors, driver Digital Performers 17 new plug-ins add to an astonishing array of over 80 included effects.
Work musically with features like the Drum Editor and QuickScribe notation, then switch gears for creative production techniques with inspiring plug-ins like DP8s new Subkick, Chorus Ensemble, and guitar FX plug-ins.

From the whimsical Hi Fi to the sinister None More Black, you can instantly choose a style that fits your motu digital performer manual mood.
Many of the third-party plug-ins youll use everyday with Digital Performer are in the process of being converted from Carbon to Mac OS Xs ultra-modern Cocoa UI platform, and Digital Performer is 100 ready to host them.