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Naval search and rescue sar manual

naval search and rescue sar manual

11, opnavinst 3130.6 series naval search AND rescue (SAR) standardization program n Provides for standardization of Navy rescue search and rescue policies, procedures, training, and evaluation program.
Par par bifs16lang1033 By night fs16lang1033 - Vertical motion of a white light or flare or firing of a green star signal.
Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard li288widctlpar bfs16lang1033.11.6 fs16lang1033 In all circumstances should there be a subsequent impr ovement in visibility, the search CSS should initiate su ch actions as will best make rescue good the lost coverage which has taken place.
Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard li144widctlpar bfs16lang1033.6.6tab fs16lang1033 On assuming the duty, the CSS should immediately inform a CRS.Par par bfs16lang1033 tab fs16lang1033 Surface craft or survivors manual may signal the meanings shown in figure 7-2 by rescue displaying them as symbols on the deck or on the ground.In general, survivors in the water are best approached fr om the windward side.Par (e)tab Adjust track spacing to '85'85'85' miles.Par pard qjwidctlpar fs16lang1033 par pard li288widctlpar bfs16lang1033.9.3 fs16lang1033 These search patterns give, in general, good visual coverage of the rea.SAR tacaid 16, review n The _ manual deals with Navy search rescue policies, procedures, training and evaluation programs.The timing of subsequent transmissions will be g overned by circumstances.In particular, it is designed to aid the master of any vessel who might be called upon to conduct search and rescue (SAR) operations at sea for persons in distress.Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard li288widctlpar bfs16lang1033.1.2tab fs16lang1033 There is liaison between CRS, aeronautical units, and land-based search and rescue organizations.Volume III, Mobile Facilities, is intended to be carried aboard rescue units, aircraft and vessels to help with performance of a search, rescue or on-scene search co-ordinator function, and with aspects of SAR that pertain to their own emergencies.Par (g) tab I have located (or found) wreckage from GL par tab the vessel/aircraft in distress (position to par tab be indicated if necessary by lat'85'85'85.In squadrons, the pubs are held by the Technical Publications Librarian.Par pard fs16lang1033 The contents of each container or package should be clearly indicat ed in print in at least three languages, manual by self-explanatory symbols, and also by streamers coloured according to the following code: par pard bfs16cf6lang1033 Redfs16lang1033 tab -tab manual medical supplies and first-aid.Par par pard fi-720li1008widctlpar bcf11lang1033.12 Further action on completion of initial phasecf11lang1033 par pard li288widctlpar bfs16lang1033.12.1tab fs16lang1033 The CSS will normally consider the initial phase to have been complete d when, in the absence of further information, searching ships have completed one search. Icebergs par bfs16lang1033.2fs16lang1033 tab time of abandoning ship; par bfs16lang1033.3fs16lang1033 tab number of crew remaining on board; par bfs16lang1033.4fs16lang1033 tab number of seriously injured; par bfs16lang1033.5fs16lang1033 tab number and type of survival craft launched; par bfs16lang1033.6fs16lang1033 tab emergency location aids in survival craft.
Volume II, Mission Co-ordination, assists personnel who plan and co- ordinate SAR operations and exercises.
Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard li432widctlpar bfs16lang1033.3.11 fs16lang1033 When an aircraft can assist or will participate in the SAR operation as a SAR unit, the RCC will request the ship with the emergency or in distress and ships assisting to establish, if possible,.

It is accepted as the normal practice of seamen, indeed there is an obligation upon masters, that they render every assistance within their p ower in cases where a person or persons are in distress at sea.Par pard fi-432li432widctlpar fs16lang1033.Par bfs16lang1033.1.2tab fs16lang1033 service Typical man overboard manoeuvres are given in annex 2 to this manual." par "Haul away." par cell server pard widctlparintbladjustright fs16lang1033 administrator row trowd trgaph108trbrdrtbrdrsbrdrw10 trbrdrlbrdrsbrdrw10 trbrdrbbrdrsbrdrw10 trbrdrrbrdrsbrdrw10 trbrdrhbrdrsbrdrw10 trbrdrvbrdrsbrdrw10 clvertaltclbrdrtbrdrsbrdrw10 clbrdrlbrdrsbrdrw10 clbrdrbbrdrsbrdrw10 clbrdrrbrdrsbrdrw10 cltxlrtb clbrdrlbrdrsbrdrw10 clbrdrbbrdrsbrdrw10 clbrdrrbrdrsbrdrw10 cltxlrtb cellx4820pard widctlparintbl bifs16lang1033 By day fs16lang1033 - Horizontal motion of a white flag or arms extended horizontally or firing.N Every SAR capable ship and aircraft server carries this publication.Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard fi-864li864widctlpar bfs16lang1033.16.2tab fs16lang1033 Some other useful signals in the International Code of Signals: par pard bfs16lang1033 Reference Text or meaningfs16lang1033 tab bfs16lang1033 Code groupsfs16lang1033 par pard fs16lang1033 (a)tab I am (or vessel indicated is) in charge of co-.Par The purpose of this Manual is to provide guidance to those who, during emergencies at sea, may require assistance or may be able to render assistance.Par par pard fi-720li720widctlpar bcf11lang1033.2cf11lang1033 tab bcf11lang1033 Components of the distress messagecf11lang1033 par bfs16lang1033.2.1tab fs16lang1033 Important components of the distress message include: par pard li720widctlpar fs16lang1033.1 identification of the ship; par bfs16lang1033.2 fs16lang1033 position; par pard fi-432li1008widctlpar bfs16lang1033.3fs16lang1033 tab nature of the distress.Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard li432widctlpar administrator bfs18lang1033 Terms used with manual search patterns:fs18lang1033 par pard li720widctlpar bfs18lang1033 expanding square patternsfs18lang1033 par pard fs16lang1033 par shapeTypesv 20spsn fFlipHsv 0spsn fFlipVsv 0 spsn shapePathsv 4spsn fFillOKsv 0spsn fFilledsv 0spsn lineStartArrowheadsv 5spsn lineEndArrowheadsv 5spsn lineStartArrowWidthsv 0spsn lineStartArrowLengthsv 0 spsn.Par pard fs16lang1033 par par pard fi-576li576widctlpar bcf11lang1033.2tab Assistance by helicopters par pard bfs16lang1033.2.1fs16lang1033 tab A helicopter may be used to supply equipment and/or rescue or evacuate persons.Par par bfs16lang1033.2.13tab fs16lang1033 For better identification from service the air, and also for showing the direction of the wind to the helicopter pilot, flags and pennants should be flown.Therefore, masters are encouraged to make full use of position-reporting arrangements and facilities wherever they exist.Par pard li144widctlpar bifs18lang1033.3 fs18lang1033 "Person missing" situation par pard li288widctlpar fs16lang1033 Both williamson turn and scharnow turn will take the ship back into her.The characteristics of the signals on 2,182 kHz are as follows par pard li576widctlpar fs16lang1033.1 bfs16lang1033 low-power beacons: par pard li851widctlparadjustright fs16lang1033 a single tone of between one an d five seconds interrupted by periods of silence of similar duration, transmitted continuously; Some Japanese ships. Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard li144widctlpar bfs16lang1033.11.4tab fs16lang1033 If there is a reduction in visibility and ships have already started to carry out a search pattern, the CSS may decide that the safest action would be to continue the pattern in force despite the.
Par pard fs16lang1033 par pard bfs16lang1033.2.4tab fs16lang1033 It will normally be impracticable to include all information in the initial distress message.